Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Idiots Premiere Pictures!

(with thanks to for the pictures!)

I don't always post these because, frankly, staged events can be kind of boring to look at. I look for three things in a staged event: star power, awkward interpersonal relations, and fashion - either fugly or really gorgeous. The 3 Idiots premiere had it all!

Mr. Idiot No. 1 (can that be a David Dhawan film, please) with the ethereal Bebo...

Here is a better look at her outfit:

I don't like that hair - I wish she had pulled it back into a ponytail or something.

Are you prepared for the Idiot she brought with her...?!

HA HA HAAAAAA! SAIFU!!!!! Who let him get dressed like that?!

Saif is really driving me crazy these days. Dude, you are not fooling anybody into thinking that you are "25" or even "30." Just accept the fact that you are getting older and either invest in a hair piece like Amitabh did if you are worried about your hair or if you are worried about forehead wrinkles - LET IT GO. Nobody cares if your forehead is perfectly smooth or not because even if your face was made of wax, you still wouldn't look "25." You just look like a 40-year old mannequin.

How about these guys?! CUTE! (Hi, Rukhie!!)

Or these handsome fellas?! No bandanas for these uncles!

Aamir with his gorgeous wife Kiran Rao, who looks eerily like my friend Anglotastic.

Aamir's first wife Reena!

Aamir with his son Junaid, who appears to be a giant but is probably only like 5'8" or something. Also, he looks adorably teenage and I want to pinch his cheeks because I am that kind of lady.

Two sharp looking gents!

Imran and his fiancee girlfriend!

Kunal Kapoor, superhero!

My dreamy girl... Vidya Balan!

Arshad Warsi and his lovely wife!

Vidya's midriff and a CUTE SMILE from Arshad!!

A punky Genelia D'Souza...

Shabana Azmi looking regal...

And some of the "friends" Aamir met while he was playing "Where's Waldo?"!


shell said...

great pics! OMG, Saif, what on earth! If he doesn't cut it out, he's going to end up off my top 5 list!

jat24 said...

Thanks for posting, very nice pics.

What a contrast between the Khans : Shah Rukh, Salman, & (of course ) Aamir all dressed to the Tees & then Saif ... !

Simran said...

Yayyy!! It's nice to see Sallu, Aamir and SRK together :D Saif on the other hand ...

Thanks for the pictures :D

rhilex said...

What... the... F.

Saif, you better cut this out unless you want to be on my bad list. Seriously. Please?

And OMGcute! at the pic with SRK! <3

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