Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Goss...!

So.... last night I dreamt that I was running, running to catch a plane. This morning I wake up, go to turn on the coffee pot - AND IT EXPLODES.

This is not going to be a good day.

Anyways -

* Washington, DC folks should be aware that the Indian Visions festival is this weekend. The one I'm interested in is Nandita Das' Firaaq but there are a some other good selections!

* The best news of my morning is that Jaan-e-Mann writer Srirish Kunder (aka Farah Khan's husband) has written another film for Akshay!!!! And it will be directed by... FARAH KHAN! The one slightly bad thing is that they are going to be looking for a girl to debut opposite Akshay. *sigh* Those 20-somethings just make my Akki look OLD.

* Govinda's daughter Narmmadaa sounds like a real piece of work. Can one really demand the terms of their debut? At this point, she should probably just take a film with Emraan Hashmi and call it a day.

"There’s no particular actor that I would like to make my debut with. But I won’t like to debut with someone very new. I’ll prefer my co-star to have done at least one film…He could be a fresh face, but not really a debutant or newcomer. A lot depends on the demand of the script…so until and unless that is ready, there’s no point thinking about the co-actor."

Okay, then.

* Lovely Katrina Kaif has her priorities right. She rejected 2.5 crores for a New Year's Eve performance, saying that she always spends that time with her family in the UK.

* Rahul Bhatt is in the clear but now Emraan Hashmi is under suspicion for knowing terrorism suspect David Headley.

* Salman Khan was slapped by a (presumably) drunk party-crasher named Monika!

* Brett Ratner is "editing" Kites for western audiences. This makes me even LESS likely to go see the American version - it will have everything I hate and nothing I love. SONGS! And lingering shots of HRITHIK! Why have a film like Kites without those things?!

* Finally, enjoy this article on the growing use of English in Bollywood songs!


moviemeh said...

Hope you're wrong about the coffee pot omen. Maybe you should light a candle and trace a circle around the coffee maker.

On the growing use of English:
I didn't know Katrina struggles with Hindi. Uh-oh, another one who "thinks in English" like Naserruddin Shah. Or maybe French?

Anyway, I am against English in my Hindi songs because I already know English. Selfish, I know.

eliza bennet said...

Coffee Pot Explosion is probably a blessing that prevented a bigger damage (can't help but be a Pollyanna). Glad you are OK :)

Akshay please please star in a normal film paired with someone closer to your age. I love you and watch all these crappy films because you are in them :(

Farah Khan is not a bad action director actually (even when it is mock action) I just hope we will not have another Deepika in our hands. Two of those will probably cause some serious damage to the planet.

ajnabi said...

"Society is evolving and so is our film industry. Earlier we had our hero and heroine dancing around trees. That was a common trend of every film, but now they dance at different places like pubs or studios.

I don't know why, but this just cracked me up.

Filmi Girl said...

@ajnabi That comment IS made of win! LOL!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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