Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Bollywood Gossip!

Good morning! Thanks to everyone for your comments on my Sexiest Men of Bollywood list!! I plan on doing a ladies list sometime soon, so stay tuned!

Okay, on to the goss!

* Katrina Kaif is bedridden with jaundice. How is that even possible? I wonder if she has liver problems from hepatitus or something.

Akshay has a cute comment for Katrina when somebody asks him about her comment that she did De Dana Dan just for him:

"Well, if she insists she did it for me then what can I say, except, “Thank you, Katrinaji.’

*dies of cuteness*

* As if he needed to tell us. Priyadarshan says he makes films for the masses not the classes!

"Call it my lower middle class upbringing but I make films for the ‘aam junta’. I believe films work when it’s this segment of audiences that appreciate them. It’s the common man that makes a film successful. That is why I don’t make films for the multiplexes."

* Aftab Shivdasani is hitting up Sandalwood! He's going to have to show some real acting chops if he wants to compete with the top heroes - although if it came down between him and Puneet Rajkumar, they could have a contest to see who is more wooden.

* Bad news for us Koko/Ranvir shippers - the wedding has been called off.

* Aladin stunner Jacqueline Fernandez may or may not be starring opposite John Abraham in an upcoming film. Some articles are saying she's been booted from it but others are saying she's in. Truth will out eventually, I suppose...

* Akki was officially not invited to Shilpa's wedding.

* The grapevine has it that Priyanka is OUT and Deepika is IN for Krrish 2. For the LOVE OF GOD! All I ask for in Krrish 2 is somebody who is able to generate chemistry with Hrithik - Deepika has so far failed to generate chemistry with SRK, Akki, and Ranbir. (I can't comment on Saif, since I didn't see LAK.) I don't even understand how that is possible but there you go. Does Hrithik really think he can succeed where SRK failed?

* And speaking of King Khan, the MNIK promo will show with Avatar!


eliza bennet said...

Having seen Deepika with Saif in LAK, I can safely say that she doesn't have one iota of chemistry with him either. (The film is good though, despite Saifu and Deepika) There is something wrong about her, something I can not put a name to (she is not a good actress but that's not it)

ajnabi said...

Well, Hrithik succeeded (somewhat) with Aishwarya, whom Deepika's career curve seems to resemble somewhat, and SRK failed there, so maybe it's possible. Probably not though.

Yesterday Ranvir tweeted that he was suffering the effects of yellow journalis. "Vicious bastards." Wonder if this was what he was referring to?

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza I suspected as much - and I agree that there is something a little off about her. She just seems so fake no matter what she does.

@ajnabi I don't know - I thought Aishwarya and Hrithik had great chemistry. And SRK and Aish were good in Devdas. :) I think she reminds me more of Priyanka, who has only managed to convince me that she can act when she is opposite Salman Khan... Maybe Deeps should try doing a film with Style-bhai.

And LOL @ Ranvir's tweets! I don't think I follow him! It must be what he was talking about because there were a bunch of articles about it this morning.

Sujal said...

Krrish 2?

What... is he going to find out that his mother is alive too?

(PS: I hate when they have a 'sequel' that... 1- isn't a sequel or 2- changes a main character w/o explanation. If I wanted to see constant switching of people playing main characters, I'd go watch an Indian soap opera.)

shell said...

I always kind of didn't mind Deepika until I say LAK. She was awful in it for sure. I think her success is based entirely on her looks, either that or there's some sort of casting couch situation going on. Maybe they should go with someone like Koko or Genelia for Krrish 2.

Anita said...

I HATED Priyanka's character in Krrish (though I love Priyanka) and missed Preity so much, so I'm happy to see we're getting someone new in Deepika. Also, whether or not she has chemistry with Hrithik is probably besides the point, because those movies have very little to do with the lead pair's chemistry and more about HRITHIK BEING AWESOME AND KICKING VILLAINOUS BUTT!!! XD

And yes, I thought Dee had chemistry with Saifu in LAK. It was the only movie she's done so far where her romantic chemistry was essential to her storyline. Even in BAH it was more about her being detached from the relationship.

Ness said...

I'm with ANita on this one - it doesn't matter who the female lead is in Krrish 2, because it's all about the Hrithik action.

And anyway, if the rumours are true, won't we be getting DOUBLE HRITHIK GOODNESS? Then won't it be a matter of Good Hrithik's chemistry with Evil Hrithik? :) I certainly have my fingers crossed for that outcome because Priyanka was meh, and Deepika...well she's pretty AIN'T PREITY.

martoufmarty said...

FilmiGirl - You said that Priyanka only convinced you she could act when paired with Salman Khan... Have you see God Tussi Great Ho? Hands down one of the WORST Bollywood films I've seen.

It was so terrible with over acting from Priyanka and even worse from Salman.

Not even Amitabh as God could save that one!

Ameya said...

I hate when they always replace the females. HATE! No one will see it if there isn't new eye candy, omg! grrr. It's almost enough to make not want to see Krrish 2.

Wait.. MNIK will be on the avatar promotions?? Just in india?

Simran said...

I really don't like it when they change the female lead in "sequels". Because it just kills the fact that the movie is a sequel and .. it sucks. I think having Deepika in any movie is a disgrace to Bollywood. There ain't nothing special about her. Sorry, I'm kind of in a ranting mood right now and Deepika is a great target .. ;)

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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