Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Gossip Post!

Good morning!!!!!

Okay, I've watched the "All iz Well" song promo a few times now and is it just me or is Aamir looking a little bug-eyed.

* Suniel Shetty talks about Akshay Kumar's on-set pranks.

* I like Anil Kapoor but low-fat cake on a birthday?! Sonam Kapoor talks weight-loss.

I think she looked fine before...everybody always talks like she was obese or something. Sonam looks perfectly normal.

* Saif Ali Khan has the worst health in Bollywood - he's down with food poisoning. The guy needs to live in a plastic bubble!

* Shahid and Priyanka are finally dunzo. Why? He's an introvert - she loves to party! (Note to Shahid: Totally single and vegetarian introvert right here...)

* Bebo talks about Kurbaan.

Actually, to be honest with you, I would've done Kurbaan even if Saif wasn't there in the film. I would've stuck to the script which was given to me. I'm sure he would've done the same. So of course, this love making scene is a bit over hyped because we are an off screen couple. But I know one thing. When a viewer sees Kurbaan, they're not going to go back with just the kiss. The kiss isn't important. What's important is our message of the film. What's important are the thrilling moments in our film, etc. Why don't journalists ever ask Charlize Theron or Halle Berry why they do a love making scene in a movie. Why is it always have to be us? Our love making scene is done with aesthetically in a very classy manner.

And, actually, I believe her. She got pretty steamy with Ajay Devgan in Omkara - nothing like Kurbaan but intimate enough that I believe Bebo would do what the script required.

* Poor Katrina Kaif has a another stalker and if that wasn't enough, there is a fake marriage certificate in her name making the rounds!!

* Ranbir Kapoor - everyone's new favorite hero - will be doing Imtiaz Ali's next film!! Since there is a 99% chance that it won't star Deepika Padukone, I'm very, very excited!

* Abhay Deol is apparently so miserable on the sets of Aisha that he is trying to back out of his contract.

And how about some Saifeena?! Bebo looks gorgeous - although WTF is up with those earrings - but Saifu is looking a little under the weather. Must be the food poisoning...


rhilex said...

Aamir DOES look weird in that promo. Actually, I'm a bit disappointed because I was really looking forward to that movie, and after having seen the trailer & promos, it doesn't look like it will be 'my thing'. =/

And I agree.. I mean, kudos to Sonam for losing weight, but I was picturing something a LOT worse than that photo.

Note to Shahid: Totally single and vegetarian introvert right here... -- LMAO. Same! But I think that article is a bit odd. I don't know if they really were together or not, because saying Shahid broke it up because of those differences is just weird. I'm an introvert with a hugely extroverted boyfriend. So what? We balance out each other. I mean, who wants to date someone exactly the same as themselves? So I don't know.

Emily said...

my dad gave me a fat-free, sugar-free cake on my birthday this year, just to remind me that I am in an industry full of female actors who are slimmer than me!"

Pretty sure she's about the thinnest out there, actually. And good grief, she was adorable before! Now she's all collarbones and cheekbones and looks like she'd cut you if you got too close.

ajnabi said...

That story about Sonam's birthday cake... I hate it because it makes Anil such a douche. Daddies who watch their daughters' weight for them do so much more harm than good. Hire a chef and dietician if you're that concerned. When I first read it (about 6 months ago I wanna say?) I saw red.

I'm excited about Ranbir doing Imtiaz Ali's new film (and sincerely hope you're right about Deepika--although, maybe she'll take an acting class! that would be good!).

rossywar said...

I'll fight you for Shahid ;)

Michael Barnum said...

While you all fight over Shahid, I with take hot uncle Suneil, thank you! :)

Filmi Girl said...

@rhilex I know, right?! He was rumored to have had botox done but it looks like a brow lift to me. Not that I have anything against plastic surgery, per se, but he looks a little... odd.

@Emily The way they talk about her "before" in the press, I was expecting her to be extremely heavy but she looks to be at a normal weight. That before picture is only fat in comparison to Size Zero Bebo!

@ajnabi I agree!! I hated that story when I first read it and I hate it now. It reminds me of the stories that David Sedaris tells about HIS father, who used to hassle all of their daughters about their weights and then wonder why they never wanted to visit.

@rossywar It's on! As Geet says in Jab We Met, "I know karate!"

@Michael Yummy! He is by FAR the hottest of the uncles! He looks way fitter than Sanju, Bobby, Salman, or even Aamir, who are all starring opposite 20 somethings these days. Him + Akshay in De Dana Dan will be hot uncle overload!! Have you SEEN the "Paisa" video?!

Simran said...

I remember Sonam on Tere Mere Beach Mein and how she was talking about her layers and layers of fat. I really did think she was obese but she was the tiniest bit overweight :| Now, she's just disgustingly skinny. I don't know what's wrong with her ..

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