Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Gossip!

Good morning!! Let's see what is happening in Bollywood today!

* Our own Akshay Kumar has been asked to be a torch bearer for the Vancouver Games.

* Has Aishwarya's role been chopped down in Action Replay? And then, if it has, how much is a result of her trying to film this and Ravana at the same time?

* I think Bebo and Saif are finally getting tired of the Saifeena phenomenon.

Of course, Saif and I are happy to come together in this film, but it’s not as if Dharma Productions had us in mind from the start. I remember Karan Johar spoke to us individually. He chose us separately as actors, because Avantika’s role was so apt for me, and Ehsaan’s was almost written for Saif. It’s great if directors like Karan, and Shriram Raghavan of Agent Vinod, pair us together as actors because they believe we can sink our teeth into meaty roles... and not just because Saif looks hot and I look beautiful, as a jodi. We’re not selling ourselves as a pair, you know.

You tell them, Bebo!!

* Poor Anurag Kashyap is having a difficult time dealing with the pedophila subject matter in My name is Abhimanyu.

* Madhur defends Jail's slow start at the box office. Who knows... maybe he'll be seeing jail from the other side of the bars in the near future.

* has an interesting rundown on Preity Zinta's twitter feed!! Check it out!

The other thing I don’t get about Preity Zinta is that she somehow thinks that Bollywood-beat gossip writers should be factual reporters. Anyone who’s ever glanced at a Bollywood publication knows that this idea is like pushing a rope uphill. Nothing about Bollywood is factual. The ticket receipts, the attendance records, the financing system, the crores of rupees paid to #1 actresses, they’re all completely opaque and/or invented out of whole cloth.

* Check out some on location photos of Shahid and Anushka Sharma! My fave is #4 where Shahid holds up the giant autograph.

* And one that I wrote - Once Upon A Time in Mumbai is rumored to be delayed to do Ajay Devgan having demanding script changes. If the script changes involve him being angsty without a shirt on, just let the guy do what he wants already!

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ajnabi said...

Quote from the post: The swoony romance stuff is all there to sell tickets to rubes somewhere in deepest darkest Andhra Pradesh. Well, actually deepest darkest Andhra Pradesh probably is more interested in Telugu stars. But, whatevs, it's still a really interesting take on the Real Preity Zinta (whom I adore, btw, favorite working actress). Love the thing about "dripping her integrity on them." Also, interesting insinuation about the fact that she's not married having to do with *not* being in a filmi clan. Maybe they'd consider her worthy of a younger son, perhaps. ;-)

That's fun about Akshay carrying the torch!

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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