Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Bhi Hai!

One of the stories I scanned through today said that Jail has been cleared to release on Friday - honestly, though, if given the choice between a cute Katrina-Ranbir romance and Neil Nitin Mukesh naked and masturbating in jail, it's not really much of competition, which movie I'll be seeing.

Actually, my local theatre isn't even getting Jail, so I may have a chance to catch London Dreams this weekend!

You know where else I won't be? At this fake Bollywood night. Seriously, Washington Post, if you are going to claim that Bollywood films are "cinema tourism," why wouldn't you just suggest that folks find their local Indian cinema instead of some lame movie night where the "Bollywood" films offered are Bride and Prejudice and Saawariya - both of which have lots and lots of Hollywood movie behind them.

And as long as I'm calling people out - attn: American and British media, just because Mira Nair is Indian and makes films with Indian people in them, that does not make Salaam Bombay and Monsoon Wedding "Bollywood" movies. Did Salman Khan star in either of those? No. If you can't name the Hero, there is a pretty good chance that it's not Bollywood.

You know what else isn't funny jokes like this:


My god, it's full of sitars!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: November 4, 2009
HA! I made that up! Because we here at TPS are going mad with all the gratuitous music releases plaguing our lives EVERY GOD DAMN DAY! I will wager that someone at Activision will read this article (I can dream) and rush out and make this a reality. And if they do... this here story will be exhibit A in my lawsuit against them. I will take those Activision monies and use them to buy Shacknews so I can personally fire Garnett Lee. The internet will hail me as it's newest king!

Because Bollywood music is so disgusting and offensive that only idiots would like it and also it's "full of sitars." Why do you have to be hating on Bollywood just to make a point about gratuitous Guitar Hero releases?

Anyways...moving on to the good stuff!

* Stardust manages to be both reasonable and gossipy in the run down of the Deepika-Ranbir split. Apparently, Katrina wasn't the catalyst - it was Neetu!

* My favorite Sandalwood Hero Golden Star Ganesh has been negligent in following up on promotions for Ullasa Utsaha, possibly because he has his own production company now.
* Kangana says there was no Eve teasing on the sets of Tanu Weds Manu and that the media made the whole thing up!

* Vipal Shah complains that neither Ajay nor Salman had time to promote London Dreams properly. Also, the article mention something about the music being universally panned. I beg to differ, Bollywood Hungama, I gave it a fairly good review over at, so suck it!

* Ranbir shows his Kapoor colors in this interview!!

Pali Hill boys are the biggest flirts in Mumbai. That's what they say. How 'ajab' was your way of impressing the chics back then?

Well, my infatuation started way back in junior school. I was always having crushes on teachers and my mothers' young friends who used to wear short clothes. I realised women very early in my life. I don't know if I'm a flirt, I don't know if I'm charming enough or I don't know if I'm really shy when it comes to women. But I'm not so bad when it comes to appreciating beauty and having crushes on women. Pali Hill boys rock!

Hee!! I love it!! Kapoors do love the ladies...

* Shiney Ahuja is returning to shoot the last schedule of Ek Accident, which co-stars Soha Ali Khan. She can't be too happy about working opposite him, especially since she signed on to Tum Mile convinced that she wouldn't have to kiss Emraan Hashmi. (Q: Had she seen any of his films before?)

* Attention Boston-area folks, Preity Zinta is going to Harvard!

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Anita said...

Preity going to Harvard. That pretty much blows my mind. ;) Unfortunately, not close enough for me to make a visit, but I've been to Harvard a few times and can properly visualize her studying there, lol!

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