Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Gossip Post!

I slept so long last night that I could almost be in the movie Sunday! (Now where is Ajay Devgan to be my OTP...?) *yawn*

Anyways, not too much going on today, but let's do the rounds! I'm skipping the many articles from cranky people - for whatever reason, it seems like 20 people decided to do op-eds on how Bollywood is stupid and only art films should be screened, as if there wasn't room for BOTH. One doesn't exist at the expense of the other...

* In bizarre cultural cross-over news, Denmark has discovered that India exists. Carlsberg beer is opening a brewery in Rajasthan and a Danish musician named Nikolaj Grandjean has been signed to an Indian label. He claims to be making folk/Bollywood cross-over hits... this could either be interesting.

* There is an interesting article on Bollywood release dates from American magazine Variety. Apparently, 20% of Bollywood revenue comes from the overseas market! (And I happily contribute my ticket to that 20%.) Also, the three big hits from the second half of the year so far -> Wanted, All the Best, and Wake Up Sid. I've got my fingers crossed that Ajab Prem ends up on that list, too. It was just too sweet!

* Soha Ali Khan would like to work in southern films. Reading between the lines, I think she wants to trade C-List Emraan Hashmi for A-List Vikram, and I don't blame her.

* And speaking of Emraan, he cclaims to be ready to shed the "serial kisser" tag with Tum Mile. Maybe I'll go see it - it looks better than the other film releasing that week, which is the kids movie starring Aftab Shivdasani. (EW!!)

* Mega-creepster Shiney Ahuja's new role is being specially designed to make us think better of him. Unless the role has him going to jail or taking a class on women's rights, somehow, I don't think it will help. Maybe he and Roman Polanski can collaborate on something.

* The Boston Globe has a profile up on Kailash Kher!! He'll be in DC on Tuesday, so book your tickets!!!!

Kher credits the appeal of his music to the longstanding traditions he channels. “I belong to the world of Bollywood, you can call it,’’ he says. “But the kind of music we make, in Bollywood it’s unique. Because it has maybe 2,000 years of folk culture and authenticity.’’

* Two Bollywood actresses have been fingered in the mutli-crore scam perpetrated by Jharkhand minister Madhu Koda. Who are the ladies? The article doesn't say, but I'm thinking Koena Mitra maybe?

* The Los Angeles Times sounds the death knells of Lollywood.


Michael Barnum said...

Wow, I had no idea that Lollywood was in such dire straights. Very sad. The few recent Pakistani films that I have seen, while not as polished as most Bollywood movies, were still enjoyable. And the music was fabulous! That country has some great musicians and singers.

Simran said...

Is Emraan planning on not kissing [i]after[/i] Tum Mile? Because I thought there was a kiss in the movie ..

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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