Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, all! I hope everyone is well - no swine flu? Good!

Let's talk music reviews! Here is one from an anonymous IANS reviewer that is an example of how NOT to review an album.

Just an example:

'Gale lag ja' is another soft, mushy number that generates interest. And it has been sung really well by Javed Ali and Banjyotsana.

And what I wrote in my review.

"Gale Lag Ja" is a light and breezy song that floats along over a light string section. Banjyotsana and Javed Ali's vocals mesh well in this sweet duet. The sweet feeling remains despite the driving tempo thanks to the top-heavy rhythm section; there is no bass to muddy the mix. "Gale Lag Ja (Version 2)" is a muddled affair. It picks up the tempo further but loses something of the original feel of song in the process without replacing it with anything.

The IANS reviewer again:

Up next is Sunidhi Chauhan singing 'Hotty naughty' that has traces of hip hop. The fast-paced song has poor lyrics and composition - a complete disappointment.

This song too has a remix version.

And me:

"Hotty Naughty", on the other hand, should hook you on the first listen. After a sizzling opening with some guitar licks, the drums kick in and whip you up in a delicious frenzy. Sunidhi Chauhan shows off her cabaret chops and effortlessly keeps up the demanding pace of the lyrics. Pritam borrows a bit from 'Hat Ja Tau Pacche Ne' but it's all in good fun, as Sunidhi should have you jumping up and down and singing "Ooo laa laa" along with her. "Hotty Naughty - Remix" is pointless and adds an odd level of ominous synthesizers to Sunidhi's lighthearted vocals.

And this is why I don't usually read music reviews!! Unless it's musicians or music buffs writing them, then the reviewer can't translate what he or she is hearing into a proper description. The one person whose Bollywood music reviews I do like is Joginder Tuteja - he knows how to properly describe things - his review is here.

* Bebo isn't talking about her steamy scenes with Saifu in Kurbaan! Is she avoiding controversy?

Saifu has plenty to say about Kurbaan, though!

"There is an important message which Kurbaan gives out. But it's not a preachy movie. The idea is to put a message across in such a way that people think they haven't been preached. The message I think is about love. It is one of the most wonderful emotions in the world. It really does conquer all. "

* Desihits has a gallery of Katrina Kaif in her various T-shirts! You have to love a woman who dresses down for promotional events!

* Golden Star Ganesh is remaking DDLJ in Kannada!! No word on the heroine yet!

* The LAST Kareena-Shahid film (EVER) should be out in January says Boney Kapoor.

* Rajkumar Santoshi talks filmmaking!

Today, people are making films just for 3 days. 'Bas opening lag jaaye picture ki...' is the kind of statement which is heard ever so often. They don't care whether they have made a good or a bad film; all they care for is if the moolah has been recovered in the opening weekend or not. Once they are done with the film, they don't even care about it after it's release. They just move on. There is just no sense of ownership any more. Where has the entire passion gone? All passion seems to be reserved now towards giving a stylish look to the film and promoting it to the hilt so that box office numbers come up fast. Quality has taken a back seat and quantity is on the fore front today. By hook or by crook, it's just the opening that seems to be mattering for most. That's not filmmaking for sure.

* Rishi Kapoor was honored by the Russian government!

* Salman Khan has hired a team of scriptwriters to read over everything he is offered. I love vintage Salman overreacting!! Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Salman's house - the things one would see...

* The Telegraph has an interesting take on the 6-pack ab phenomenon... The types of articles aren't usually written about men, for one thing, although I would prefer that neither gender had to torture themselves to become attractive.

3 Idiots song promo!!


ajnabi said...

I covet those poster bags entirely too much for my mental health.

Is it true that "in real life, girls want boys who look like film heroes?" Because in the States, that's rarely true. I mean, not that you should be with someone who's not attracted to you, but I feel very sad that some men think abdominal conturing surgery is the way to go for female attention. They sound like women, torturing their physical form for each others' approval rather than that of the opposite sex.

rhilex said...

I hate hate HATE this gym frenzy obsession. Yes, staying healthy is important, but 6 packs TOTALLY turn me off-- as did that pic on that article. Can I hear someone say "Yuck!"? And jeez, I'd rather have someone with a 0-pack go out with me at night than be around a 6-pack guy who'd rather head to the gym instead.

I wish these guys would realize that there's a HUGE difference between being fit and having unsightly, bulging muscles. Or 'abdominal contouring surgery'-- I mean, wtf?! I'd consider any guy who'd have that done just mental! "Girls want boys to look the same way as their film heroes"? Honestly, I like watching people who you can relate to-- ordinary looking people-- onscreen more than someone who looks like Superman or The Rock.

Yeah, so... end rant. This just annoys me to NO end. And don't you love how it said Ghajini was released in 2009? :p

E said...

Is that what guys REALLY think? really? I mean, I have nothing against guys keeping fit but to give up your life for the gym is ridiculous. I do have a beef about the torso waxing of the six-packed Bollywood leading men(and apparently that's seeping into the mainstream, too).

Ghajini was on the IFC channel just yesterday - and I gotta say that Aamir didn't look that fabulous with that over-muscular build. Shorter men look dis-proportioned with an overbuilt body. It was too much, but the character called for it, I guess.

"Kurbaan" sounds very interesting. The trailer looks good, too.

Ameya said...

1. That article excersize man gives up heavy indian food to look like that?! Poor guy, i think he's missing the purpose of life (and also, too many muscles are icky.. give me a guy who'll take me to indian food any day!)

2. If i could order a specific bollywood poster bag (or at least find one with one of my duders..) I WOULD HAVE A BILLION OF THEM. That's a brilliant idea.

3. I'm a HORRIBLE reviewer and i never say otherwise (though unfortunately i find myself with reviewy posts sometimes), but even that person impresses me. Looks like something i would have graded in English 101 (aka, i have no business dealing with the written word)

Emily said...

Am I the only one who finds 6-packs kind of...less than attractive? I mean, I like guys who are in shape, but I'm more likely to ogle his shoulders and arms than his stomach.

MinaiMinai said...

Hello! Nice wordsmithing in your music reviews! And lol- how does "Mushy" describe music? Another descriptive/creative music-review place is Milliblog, which you might enjoy, if you haven't already, at

I would totally suck at attempting to write things like that. :)

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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