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Love Story 2050: The Imaginary Version

Bring out the LULZ! To cheer us all up - but mostly me - on this dreary post-Thanksgiving Monday morning, here is my "improved" version of Love Story 2050!

(I also just posted my original review from when I saw this in the theatres - it is located here and a hilarious 1-star review from rediff.)

From about 30 seconds after leaving the theatre after viewing Love Story 2050, I've been trying to figure out how I could have made it a better film. I was very enthusiastic about the premise - boy goes to the future and falls in love - and I hope that the failure of execution of Love Story 2050 won't kill off the Bollywood sci-fi genre.

Here is my re-working of the film:

Filmi Girl ki Love Story 2050

Mumbai, Present Day:

We meet our hero (who can still be played by Harman Baweja) Karan in his study. He is the son of a wealthy technology tycoon and is ignored by his father (who can still be played by Boman Irani), who is more interested in making money than in keeping family connections. Karan's mother and grandparents died years ago and he has no siblings. As a result of his upbringing, Karan is isolated from reality, cold, reserved, and fastidious in his day to day life. He spends a lot of time working on obscure mathmatical and physics problems in his study - very theoretical stuff. He's very interested in the concept of time and we keeps to very tight schedule. The opening could show him going through a precise routine of waking up at 6am, prayers, breakfast, etc. all at the same time every day.

Karan's father is after him to join the family business, but Karan resists. His father forces him to attend a stuffy business cocktail party, which is where we meet Karan's father's #1 business rival (played by somebody like Shabana Azmi), a woman who has a cheerful and pleasent exterior but inside is a shrewd, cruel woman. The audience gets to see her be very mean to a servant and she is a little too interested in Karan. Karan manages to escape out to the city and wanders at random, having left his car back at the party. He stumbles across a large crowd and is swept up into what seems to be a motor-bike race. He spots a vivacious and spunky woman (who should be played by Kareena Kapoor) and while attempting to move a bit closer to her, he is pushed to the front of the crowd and realizes that she is racing! We get one (1 only) race sequence and get to see the mystery girl kick butt and win the race, but she takes some very risky moves. It should be obvious that she is unsafe even if she wins - which she does. He doesn't meet her, but picks up her something - would a watch be too cheezy? her dupatta? her helmet? He has something of hers.

Karan is in big trouble with his father, but he doesn't care because he is invigorated by this mystery woman. The next day he tries to find her. He looks and looks. After giving up, he spots her on a public bus. He has to run to catch the bus - emphasizing how he has loosened his tight standards of behavior. He makes it and meets her. Caught up in the rush from chasing and catching the bus, he asks her on a date. She is amused and says "Yes".

Mystery Girl, whose name is Sana, finds Karan kind of awkward but charming. She likes getting him to loosen up a bit and do exciting things in the world and not just live in his head all the time. He starts applying this new feeling to his work and begins to tinker with devices to work out his previously in theory only physics designs. We find out that Sana is poor, comes from a broken home, but has a loving granny. They fall very much in love and Karan gets up the courage to ask her to marry him. She says "No!" *DOOM* Sana is too much of a free spirit to want to settle down and she has the memory of the broken home hanging over her head. She runs away.

Karan is sad and puts ALL of his energy into his tinkering. Sana is sad and after talking with her granny, she changes her mind and decides to say "Yes!" She text messages Karan to tell him that she wants to meet and has something to say. Karan is all excited and arrives LATE because he wants to look good. Sana sees him approaching from across the street. She dashes out into traffic to meet him and is hit by a truck and dies.

Deep in grief, Karan once again locks himself in his room to play with his time devices. Unbeknownst to him, however, Evil Business Rival Lady - that we met at the party at the beginning - has been doing some industrial sabotage and has had a lackey short circuit a wire or mess something up in some other way in Karan's lab. The heavens are as upset as Karan and in the middle of huge storm, with the crossed wire, Karan tries to time travel back 1 day to make sure that he is early to meet Sana and instead sends himself into the future with a huge explosion!

Mumbai 2050:

Karan wakes up to find himself someplace unfamiliar until he looks around and realizes that he is the ruins of his lab. He stumbles around the poor section of Mumbai trying to figure things out. He learns that he is in the year 2050 and goes to the library to figure out what happened to his father - to see if he could get help that way. He learns that his father lost everything after Karan's "death" in the explosion. His business rival bought out the company and his father donated what was left of his money to an ashram and spent the rest of his days in prayer and repentence. Karan tracks down the ashram and one of the wise men there figures out who he is and offers help to get Karan back to his own time - insert some stuff about cycle of life and how there is a window of time where Karan can cycle back to his own time but they need to figure out what happened first.

First stop in figuring out the explosion is Karan gets a job as a janitor in Business Rival's company thinking that maybe he can access her files or something. Instead, he finds out that Business Rival is still alive and looks exactly the same as she did in the past - the result of massive plastic surgery - and has a granddaughter that she likes to claim is her "daughter - a granddaughter who looks exactly like Sana!


Sana-a-like is nothing like Sana. She is cold and she's afraid of her grandmother. She is also a singer - a superstar! She puts on a show onstage but shuts down emotionally afterwards. Sana-a-like meets Karan when she's hosting an amatuer singers show. He sneaks on to meet her - confusing her with Sana - and sings a song that Sana loves. Maybe a rehash of a song from the first half. Sana-a-like becomes interested in him. She falls in love with him, but he is still holding a torch for his Sana.

Then we can get to some of the actual Love Story 2050 where people around Sana-a-like tell her that Karan is crazy and then Business Rival figures out what is really going on and wants to kidnap Karan to make him tell her about time travel - she wants to time travel to the past thinking that it will make her young again. Etc. etc.

What it comes down to is that the holy man at the ashram and Karan with the help of some documents stolen by Sana figure out how to send him back, but he realizes that time travel is not as easy as punching in a number and ending up at a certain time and place. There are rules and cycles and he can't go back and save Sana. It is impossible. Karan must then choose whether he wants to stay in the future with the Sana-a-like who loves him or to travel back to the past and be a good son and save his father from years of suffering.

What does he pick?!!!! Of course he picks the past. He travels back and greets his father, who is weeping over the body of his son.





rossywar said...

Great version!!

The burning question is: would you keep the "The party's over?" line???

martoufmarty said...

You would have to keep that line! It just wouldn't be Love Story 2050 without it.

Rum said...

That line stays as well as that inane Love is like a hot dog or something silly like that! Love the reimagination of this, but would u keep those godamn annoying robots! UGHHH i hated those things!

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