Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Filmi Girl's Sexiest Men of Bollywood, 2009

Continuing the tradition I began last year, here is my response to People’s SEXIEST MEN OF 2009! Their lists are always depressingly white and 100% Hollywood-centric but, never fear, I am here to help!

Counting backwards from 10, here are the men I felt were the Sexiest in their film roles. This isn’t a best actor list, or most buff, or nicest, or funniest, or even best looking. This is pure “I want to jump their bones.”

And having a plastic face or obviously ‘roided out pecs totally disqualifies you for my list.

So does having NO acting abilities.

I have my standards.

I’m just disappointed that neither Ishqiya (Arshad!) nor Prince – It’s Showtime (Vivek!) are out this year…

#10 Suniel Shetty: The HOT Uncle

Film: De Dana Dan

Okay, sure, it hasn’t “technically” come out yet but still – Suniel is the hottest uncle in Bollywood today and he only seems to be getting MORE attractive as he gets older! There is something about his gruff (but secretly sensitive) onscreen persona and those nicely muscled arms that sets my heart a-fluttering.

#9 Kunal Khemu: Pocket Romeo

Film: Dhoonte Reh Jaaoge

Mostly I just mean this song from the film because through most of it, he plays a nerd. But still – I cannot figure out WHY Kunal Khemu isn’t the biggest superstar in Bollywood because he has it all: looks, talent, charisma, and dancing ability. I’m torn between wanting to pick him up and put him in my pocket and ogling the many crotch shots in the song. Tough choice. (My life is so hard.)

#8 Ajay Devgan: Smouldering Anti-hero

Film: London Dreams

Ajay! Nobody plays the emotionally wounded anti-hero quite like Ajay Devgan and he does not disappoint his fans (i.e. me) by giving us exactly that character in London Dreams. Sadly, the people who choose the promotional pictures seemed to all be on Salman Khan’s payroll, so watch the video and swoon just a little bit with me. There is something so… painful yet alluring in his gaze. (Okay, maybe that is just me.)

#7 Shah Rukh Khan: Sex On Wheels

Film: Billu

Actually, it was the whole point of his character in Billu and surprise of course, Rukhie-jaan pulled it off! The eyes, the hair, the grasping of items girls in the picturizations… I was not the only lady melting in my seat.

#6 Rahul Dev: The Wild Card

Film: Aa Dekhen Zara/Blue

An unusual choice, as Rahul Dev was not the lead in either film, but he caught my attention with his amazing physique and even more amazing charisma. The guy radiates sex appeal from head to toe and outshone every single hero he worked with. Sure, his face is a little weathered, but it just adds the bad boy mystique.

#5 Ranbir Kapoor: Chocolate Hero

Film: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

I was going to put Ranbir further down the list because, duh, it’s RANBIR of the Saawariya Towel Drop but he was more charming than sexy in Ajab Prem Ki… Still, the man is extremely attractive – even when he is goofing around with his friends in the “Happy Club” instead of being nude and flashing teasing the audience with his abs of deliciousness.

#4 John Abraham: The Serious Actor

Film: New York

Former Sexiest Man of the Year, John Abraham is bumped down a few notches because 2009 was the year he finally won some accolades for his acting instead of his physique. I respect that. Yet, while his nude scene was extremely non-erotic, I couldn’t help but drool a bit over the Bad Boy Johnny that emerged later in the film. I’m only human, after all!

#3 Hrithik Roshan: Post Modern Hottie

Film: Luck by Chance

Again, the promotion people for Luck By Chance seem to have something against giving us the glistening shots of Hrithik Roshan’s abs like WE ALL WANT, so you will have to make due with him in his Mad Hatter outfit. Whatever. He still rocks it – no matter what Hrithik does, he can’t help being a sexy bitch.

#2 Akshay Kumar: UNF

Film: Kambakkht Ishq

My Akshay almost made it to number one with his cool Stuntman avatar from Kambakkht Ishq - I mean the whole point of his character is that he’s a walking sex magnet AND he’s played by Akshay Kumar, who is a real life walking ladies man! Usually, that would be enough to put him at the top of the heap, but his giant waves of pheremones just missed out because this year happened to be the year that…

#1 Shahid Kapoor: Most Improved

Film: Dil Bole Haddipa

DANG! What are they putting in the water over at Yash Raj?! I always found Shahid boyishly charming rather than attractive but in Dil Bole Haddipa, he steams up the screen like nobody’s business. There is glistening flesh, lingering shots of his torso, plenty of close-ups so we can get a good look at that adorable smile of his… I was sold. SOLD. He may be a couple of inches shorter than me, but I totally don’t care.

You know what they say – He’s only shorter when he’s standing up.

And that is me being totally classy for the day! You’re welcome!


martoufmarty said...

Oh hey, your comment on 'no plastic' reminded me of this website I found the other day:


Anyways, I agree with a lot of your choices. Nice list!

My list of hottest actors could not be narrowed to just Bollywood/Tollywood actors. Takeshi Kaneshiro would be very, very high up on my multi-national list lol.

Anita said...

Omg, I know this is blasphemous to my Rukhie-Jaan, but...HRITHIK IN LUCK BY CHANCE IS MY #1 FOR THIS YEAR!!!! *_* I know Hrithik is always hot, but WOW, he just blew me away in Luck By Chance. Maybe it was that little shade of grey that his character had, mmm. :)

I loved DBH so much when I saw it (TIFF, whoo! ;)) but I thought Shahid looked better in Kaminey. DBH really highlighted Rani's gorgeousness to me. :)

Love this list, though!

ajnabi said...

I liked Shahid as Charlie-the-bad-boy better for sheer sex appeal, but I'm glad he made the list at all. ;-) I love your choices, especially Kunal Khemu. Like you, I can't fathom why he isn't huge in Hindi films (unless he just doesn't want to be?).

Filmi Girl said...

@martoufmarty Fun! I'll have to check that site out. :) My multi-culti list would be v. different but Bollywood only wasn't too hard... XD

@Anita and Ajnabi Really? Shahid in Kaminey? I really loved the blatant objectifying of him in Dil Bole Haddipa, though. The sweat glistening off the abs - the constant backlit closeups... *swoons a bit*

Beth said...

Well that got my morning off to a delightful start! I am so out of the loop when it comes to new films and so stuck in my 70s time warp that I couldn't even write a list like this, so thank goodness other people will!

My only comment on content is: what, no Abhay?!? Then again, not finding Dev all that attractive is a healthy thing.

My favorites from your list are actually the word choices (which of course is why we all write and read anyway): post-modern hottie and Rukhie-jaan. RUKHIE-JAAN. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! A new name is born :)

Filmi Girl said...

@beth I have to credit Anita for coming up with Rukhie-Jaan! Although, it fits perfectly in this context. XD As for Mr. Post-Modern Hottie - what else would you call him in Luck by Chance?! Plus, I love that he's trying to uglify himself for his "serious" role in Guzarish. Even John Abraham didn't go that far for New York....

layla-aaron said...

*THUDS* Oh yeah, this list definitely started my day off nicely. I agree with most of them and was tickled pink to see Sunil and Ajay on there, plus Rahul is smokin' in that photo you included. He makes a tasty bad guy, and I do have a thing for the villainous ones.

Hrithik in LBC was DIVINE!!! And Akki...mmmm... Of course, you know I love Rukhie-Jaan and Shahid is pure eye candy in DBH. (He was tasty in Kaminey, but it meant to highlight his acting ability not his eye candy status. *g*)

Thanks for the delicious eye candy this morning!!! :D

rhilex said...

SRK and Ranbir-- YAY. <3 I personally don't think Hrithik's 'hot'. Maybe because I've never seen him be just silly and not like a star, which makes him seem kind of untouchable to me, and inhuman. BUT he was very good in LBC-- I agree!

But HOMG, major brownies to you for the placement of Shahiiiid! <333 I also was one of the people who liked him in Kaminey, but I haven't seen DBH, so what can I say? ;) The Discowale Khisko song was the point where I turned into a Shahid lover, though, so that has to count for something! :p

Filmi Girl said...

@layla-aaron Hee!! I aim to please! I only wish that the people doing promotional pictures would have cooperated with more shirtless pics of all the men in question... ;P

@rhilex Have you seen him in Koi... Mil Gaya? That was the one that really won me over to Team Hrithik. :)

shell said...

You know what they say – He’s only shorter when he’s standing up.
lol! Aint that the truth! Great list and fantastic commentary. Now that's objectifying at it's very best! :) Even if some of them don't make my list (and it would be very few for lack of seeing the movie I'm sure), there's no denying that they all have that smouldering something that propells them into that sexy category for sure.
Hmmmm....Shah Rukh. *drools uncontrollably*

rhilex said...

Oh, definitely seen Koi Mil Gaya! Adored him in it, but found it hard to think he was hot as he was basically playing a child. xD But there's no question about his acting ability. KMG was definitely his most endearing performance. I personally like him most in roles where he's a total softie. :p

E said...

Filmigirl you made my morning with this great post!

Love your choices, though I'm a bit disappointed that my boy Hrithik didn't make it to #1.. But Shahid is definitely quite yummy!
(eyes glazing over)

Ness said...

Oh what a great post to wake up to! Heh love that my man SRK is there (but how could he NOT be?!) along with Hrithik, Ranbir, John and Akki. OOOH and you've given me some hotties I was unfamiliar with to check out. TOO MUCH HOTNESS ALL AT ONCE!

Simran said...


Awhhh I love this list! Everyone qualifies .. :D Glad to see Kunal up there too ;)

Filmi Girl said...

@shell It's only fair - ladies get objectified all the time! We need to stand up for our rights to ogle the eye candy given to us!

@rhilex I like emotionally tortured Hrithik the best - like "Dhoom 2" XD

@E #1 was a tough call... but since Hrithik's role in LBC was so short, it didn't seem fair. :D

@Ness Hee!!!!! SRK was Mr. Sex Object in Billu! Loved it!

@Simran YAY!!!! Great minds think alike, after all!

rubidium11 said...

I haven't seen Ranbir in Ajab.. but he did make my heart flutter high time in Wake Up Sid, which is weird since I'm usually on-off with him.

IMHO, when it comes to the sexiest men, John should always be No.1. UNF!

TadyLovesDaniel said...

I loved ur list!! Akshay slip in my list too...I loved Shahid this year!!!...I loved him in DBH and Kaminey...very sexy in both films...But I would have put Neil N. Mukesh...just because I love his sexy beard!!!...and I was surprised @ Sunil...but I totally understand what u mean...

ghazalintokyo said...

nice list! i don't know if i would go with the same numbering (S. R. KKKKK) but great choice!! i have been loving shahid this year!! :)

filmizest said...

Nice list. To choose from only Bollywood is hard. All the nominated men deserve it. Kunal Khemu is hot and acts good too in 99 and traffic signal. What other films has he done?

I would take Shahid in Kaminey over DBH, kept thinking of SRk in the songs.

No Salman in Wanted?

eliza bennet said...

Hmmm I only like three of your choices that way (Akshay, Ajay and John) but diversity is the spice of life no?

The problem I have with Shahid is that he has one of those old/young faces. And his "I'm having so much fun, so very happy" face actually scares me a little. Also his head looks kind of attached to his body. Having said all these above, I actually loved him in Kaminey. But I think it is more due to Vishal ji's talents rather than Shahid.

As for Rukhie Jaan, I love love love love him as an actor but he is not someone whose arms I want to be in.

And no Vivek?

Filmi Girl said...

@rubidium HEE! John Abraham is always... UNF! But since he actually did a good job acting in New York and is trying to move away from being just the hot body, I thought I would give him a break... :)

@Tady I think you're the first to mention NNM. To me, he seems more sweet than sexy... but he is cute!

@ghazal SRK! He was super-fine in Billu for sure! Too bad that was his only release this year... :(

@filmizest I haven't seen Wanted yet!! Although, from what I hear, I may need to re-arrange things because is supposed to be looking really good. :D

@eliza Yeah, I never quite got Shahid until I saw Dil Bole Haddipa... he does have that baby face... :) And no Vivek because I didn't see him sexing up the screen this year! I'm waiting for Prince - It's Showtime! (Then he can be number 1!!!)

A said...

See, I thought Shahid Kapoor was hot from the first moment I saw him... I could wish he wasn't on the bulk-it-up bandwagon like every other male star in Bollywood these days, as I like the male waif look, but oh, well. His height is PERFECT. He could be shorter, in fact. I like that they made that a joke in DBH. And I thought he was smokin' in Kaminey. I guess he didn't make a film this year, but ooh, Kunal Kapoor (no relation to those Kapoors) for me!

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