Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bebo Does Britney!

Bebo... Britney Spears... CIRCUS!


rubidium11 said...

Plus points for putting that small Asoka bit.

But Saifu, Bebo and Shahid together? I'm not sure either of the three would approve. XD

martoufmarty said...

That was awesome! The whole Britney-Bebo thing just really makes sense to me.

Had you used a Paris Hilton song, however... ;)

Smitha said...

Great mash-up and so much fun!

ajnabi said...

And bonus plus points for the Yaadein outfit of tragedy! Love it!

shell said...

Terrific mashup! Wonder if Saifu knows he's too scared to hang with Bebo!

Also, what movie is that where she's wearing the blond wig and is that Akshay she's with?

veracious said...

Shell, that's Tashan. :)

I love this one perhaps more than the Hrithik one. Reminds me of why I enjoy Bebo in songs, even if she's not the best dancer out there.

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