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Love Story 2050: The Imaginary Version

Bring out the LULZ! To cheer us all up - but mostly me - on this dreary post-Thanksgiving Monday morning, here is my "improved" version of Love Story 2050!

(I also just posted my original review from when I saw this in the theatres - it is located here and a hilarious 1-star review from rediff.)

From about 30 seconds after leaving the theatre after viewing Love Story 2050, I've been trying to figure out how I could have made it a better film. I was very enthusiastic about the premise - boy goes to the future and falls in love - and I hope that the failure of execution of Love Story 2050 won't kill off the Bollywood sci-fi genre.

Here is my re-working of the film:

Filmi Girl ki Love Story 2050

Mumbai, Present Day:

We meet our hero (who can still be played by Harman Baweja) Karan in his study. He is the son of a wealthy technology tycoon and is ignored by his father (who can still be played by Boman Irani), who is more interested in making money than in keeping family connections. Karan's mother and grandparents died years ago and he has no siblings. As a result of his upbringing, Karan is isolated from reality, cold, reserved, and fastidious in his day to day life. He spends a lot of time working on obscure mathmatical and physics problems in his study - very theoretical stuff. He's very interested in the concept of time and we keeps to very tight schedule. The opening could show him going through a precise routine of waking up at 6am, prayers, breakfast, etc. all at the same time every day.

Karan's father is after him to join the family business, but Karan resists. His father forces him to attend a stuffy business cocktail party, which is where we meet Karan's father's #1 business rival (played by somebody like Shabana Azmi), a woman who has a cheerful and pleasent exterior but inside is a shrewd, cruel woman. The audience gets to see her be very mean to a servant and she is a little too interested in Karan. Karan manages to escape out to the city and wanders at random, having left his car back at the party. He stumbles across a large crowd and is swept up into what seems to be a motor-bike race. He spots a vivacious and spunky woman (who should be played by Kareena Kapoor) and while attempting to move a bit closer to her, he is pushed to the front of the crowd and realizes that she is racing! We get one (1 only) race sequence and get to see the mystery girl kick butt and win the race, but she takes some very risky moves. It should be obvious that she is unsafe even if she wins - which she does. He doesn't meet her, but picks up her something - would a watch be too cheezy? her dupatta? her helmet? He has something of hers.

Karan is in big trouble with his father, but he doesn't care because he is invigorated by this mystery woman. The next day he tries to find her. He looks and looks. After giving up, he spots her on a public bus. He has to run to catch the bus - emphasizing how he has loosened his tight standards of behavior. He makes it and meets her. Caught up in the rush from chasing and catching the bus, he asks her on a date. She is amused and says "Yes".

Mystery Girl, whose name is Sana, finds Karan kind of awkward but charming. She likes getting him to loosen up a bit and do exciting things in the world and not just live in his head all the time. He starts applying this new feeling to his work and begins to tinker with devices to work out his previously in theory only physics designs. We find out that Sana is poor, comes from a broken home, but has a loving granny. They fall very much in love and Karan gets up the courage to ask her to marry him. She says "No!" *DOOM* Sana is too much of a free spirit to want to settle down and she has the memory of the broken home hanging over her head. She runs away.

Karan is sad and puts ALL of his energy into his tinkering. Sana is sad and after talking with her granny, she changes her mind and decides to say "Yes!" She text messages Karan to tell him that she wants to meet and has something to say. Karan is all excited and arrives LATE because he wants to look good. Sana sees him approaching from across the street. She dashes out into traffic to meet him and is hit by a truck and dies.

Deep in grief, Karan once again locks himself in his room to play with his time devices. Unbeknownst to him, however, Evil Business Rival Lady - that we met at the party at the beginning - has been doing some industrial sabotage and has had a lackey short circuit a wire or mess something up in some other way in Karan's lab. The heavens are as upset as Karan and in the middle of huge storm, with the crossed wire, Karan tries to time travel back 1 day to make sure that he is early to meet Sana and instead sends himself into the future with a huge explosion!

Mumbai 2050:

Karan wakes up to find himself someplace unfamiliar until he looks around and realizes that he is the ruins of his lab. He stumbles around the poor section of Mumbai trying to figure things out. He learns that he is in the year 2050 and goes to the library to figure out what happened to his father - to see if he could get help that way. He learns that his father lost everything after Karan's "death" in the explosion. His business rival bought out the company and his father donated what was left of his money to an ashram and spent the rest of his days in prayer and repentence. Karan tracks down the ashram and one of the wise men there figures out who he is and offers help to get Karan back to his own time - insert some stuff about cycle of life and how there is a window of time where Karan can cycle back to his own time but they need to figure out what happened first.

First stop in figuring out the explosion is Karan gets a job as a janitor in Business Rival's company thinking that maybe he can access her files or something. Instead, he finds out that Business Rival is still alive and looks exactly the same as she did in the past - the result of massive plastic surgery - and has a granddaughter that she likes to claim is her "daughter - a granddaughter who looks exactly like Sana!


Sana-a-like is nothing like Sana. She is cold and she's afraid of her grandmother. She is also a singer - a superstar! She puts on a show onstage but shuts down emotionally afterwards. Sana-a-like meets Karan when she's hosting an amatuer singers show. He sneaks on to meet her - confusing her with Sana - and sings a song that Sana loves. Maybe a rehash of a song from the first half. Sana-a-like becomes interested in him. She falls in love with him, but he is still holding a torch for his Sana.

Then we can get to some of the actual Love Story 2050 where people around Sana-a-like tell her that Karan is crazy and then Business Rival figures out what is really going on and wants to kidnap Karan to make him tell her about time travel - she wants to time travel to the past thinking that it will make her young again. Etc. etc.

What it comes down to is that the holy man at the ashram and Karan with the help of some documents stolen by Sana figure out how to send him back, but he realizes that time travel is not as easy as punching in a number and ending up at a certain time and place. There are rules and cycles and he can't go back and save Sana. It is impossible. Karan must then choose whether he wants to stay in the future with the Sana-a-like who loves him or to travel back to the past and be a good son and save his father from years of suffering.

What does he pick?!!!! Of course he picks the past. He travels back and greets his father, who is weeping over the body of his son.




Love Story 2050: Haven't you seen it yet?

Bring out the LULZ! Because it's been far too long since we've had a movie this hilariously bad to laugh at, I'm going to cheer myself up by posting all of my Love Story 2050 meta!

Never in a million years did I think I would ever say that Priyanka Chopra was the best thing about a film, but there it is. Love Story 2050 was really a combination of two movies - the pre and post interval shows. Pre-interval Love Story 2050 plays like a mediocre 90s movie. Boy stalks Girl all over Sydney until she agrees to date him. They date. She has to return home because she was just here on vacation.

This is the end of the world.


It's played up as if they can tragically never meet again... because they live in different towns in Australia. Yes. Luckily for us a butterfly flys along in a train station and flutters to the name of the town where Girl lives in time for Boy to go there and see Girl. Doubly-lucky for us is that the town Girl lives in is also the town that Boy's previously unmentioned crazy mad scientist Uncle Ya lives in. Boy will stay there and find Girl!

Stuffed into the super-dull plot are a couple of very mediocre love songs filled with the Australian kind of NRI-hijinks. So, Girl dies after being hit by a truck and Boy uses Uncle Ya's time machine to time travel to the future to bring back a re-incarnated Girl to the present. Yes. This is where things get so bad that the circle of badness flips around and the instead of being bored the badness becomes massively entertaining.

Post-interval Love Story 2050 is a campy, sci-fi delight! Here are some of the things that we get post-interval:

* A robot named "Q.T" who nicknames Harman Baweja "Sec. C" and then every other character calls him this for the rest of the film.

* A small teddy bear shaped robot named "Boo" who works for Priyanka Chopra's red-haired avatar.

* A scene featuring Harman and Priyanka doing LIVE-ACTION Mortal Combat (yes, like the video game) at a video game arcade.

* Two excellently campy song picturizations filled with "futuristic" dancing.

* An evil mad scientist who knows about the time travel and wants the time machine.

* Robot!Harman beating up Sec.C!Harman

And so much more...flying cars! Star Trek-style matte painting scenery of Future!Mumbai! I loved every second post-interval.

Even better was the story, which finally became nice and cracktacular after the boringest opening EVER. The second half finds Girl having reincarnated into THE WORLD'S BIGGEST SUPERSTAR singer. She hosts her own TV show where people come on and she asks them questions about herself and they have to answer. She dances on a levitating platform high above the city. She is bored with life and doesn't believe in love. Boy manages to meet SuperStar!Girl, fall in love in with while being chased by an evil mad scientist, and then convince her that she should give up the crazy future and come live in the past with him. YES! So deliciously bad...

So, yes, the plot was very uneven. I wish the first half had been more compelling. Part of my problem is that Harman Baweja is not likable. I never warmed to him throughout the whole film. He looks a bit like Hrithik, well built and all, but without the sensitive puppy-dog woobie-ness that Hrithik brings to the table. I also wanted to stab Priyanka through the first part of the film. She is getting to be too old to play college-age roles. I'm sorry, but Priyanka does not look like she is 18 years old. When her character says she's in town just to study, I was thinking, "For what? Her PhD? Beautician's License? Did she drop out of school and is now returning years later?" I kept wishing to fast forward to the time travel already.

In a perfect world, I would have re-written the first part to have been shorter. Time travel is way cooler than another NRI-Paradise!Sydney film. Post-interval Priyanka is glorious, however. I don't think anyone else could have sold me so well on the red-haired superstar of the future character. The vapidness of Priyanka works well against the business of the sets - like her character in Salaam-e-Ishq, which I also really enjoyed her in. My new decree is that Priyanka Chopra is only allowed to play fictional actresses and superstars with over-inflated egos and a problem learing how to love. I wish I could recommend seeing this in the theatre, but the dullness of the first part just drags and drags and drags... What I do recommend is waiting for the DVD and then just skipping directly to the second half for cracktastic, campy sci-fi masala of the future.

Monday Gossip!

Let's dive right in today! The gossip waits for nobody!

* Miss Pyaar Impossible Priyanka Chopra has broken foot.

* Prakash Jha reiterates that Katrina's character is Rajneeti is NOT like Sonia Gandhi. (Also, is it me or did Kat sound like somebody else had dubbed her in De Dana Dan?)

* Is something brewing between Shahrukh and Vishal Bhardwaj?

Cool! I declare that De Dana Dan was hilarious! Collections were pretty good for DDD according to this article!

* About his abs, Shahid says, don't try this at home. (What if I just try HIS out at home...?)

I guess there isn't as much news as I thought today - lots of sour grapes from critics who hated De Dana Dan (because they are soulless with no sense of humor), fall out from the makers of Kurbaan who are desperately trying to get people into the theatres (still haven't heard back about my essay but I might just post it), tons of hating on Katrina Kaif for various things (which I refuse to post), and assorted news about boring celebs like Isha Koppikar's wedding (congrats!)

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Fun With Google Analytics!

One of the fun things about switching to Blogger is using Google Analytics.

I especially enjoy the keyword searches.

My favorite today: "Are there any white people in Bollywood films?"

Answer: Yes. Yes, there are. Usually they are playing sluts (women) or immoral jerks (men) or dancing in the background (women) or "fancy" party-goers who look like Australian backpackers shoved into dress clothes.

And this one is good, too: "Do white people watch Bollywood films?"

Answer: Yes. But not very many of us.

One last question: "Does Kurt from Glee use head voice or chest?"

Answer: It sounds to me like he uses both but probably sticks more to chest voice if he is singing male parts. If they have him singing actual countertenor parts, then it will be more of a head voice.

Happy to help, Google search people!

Sunday Gossip!

Yes, okay, so I saw New Moon for the third time last night... what's it to you? Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw a movie THREE times in the theatre. I saw Ghajini twice, Tashan twice, Dhoom 2 twice... but THREE times?

*clearly needs a Taylor Lautner intervention*

Okay, then...

* I love Neha Dhupia. She's just so cheeky!

Same held true for De Dana Dan where Priyadarshan felt that he could see a naughty opportunist girl in her. In the film, Neha plays a club singer who has a 'bindaas' attitude towards life and is a 'huge advantage taker'.

"I am happy that he felt so. My role is quite spunky in 'De Dana Dan'. There is a lot of spark in it."

So true! She was quite charming in De Dana Dan!

* The shooting for Rajneeti is complete!

* Rumor has it that Bebo has been offered 10 crore to do Golmaal 3... (Take it, Bebo! I want to see this film!)

* Mahesh Babu's next is going to be called Mr. Perfect. Fitting, na?

And finally, for those who haven't seen it yet - the missing De Dana Dan rain dance!

It feels very, very Southern - I love it!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

De Dana Dan: Laff Riot!

I actually don't have much to say about De Dana Dan. Directed by Priyadarshan and reuniting the comedic actors behind Hera Pheri - Paresh Rawal, Suniel Shetty, and Akshay Kumar, De Dana Dan is a fun time-pass film.

Akshay and Suniel play two men, trapped into wage slavery by debts incurred by their respective families. (And, as an aside, there is no "27 years old" nonsense. Akshay's character is paying back loans taken for his college 20 years ago. Praise the lord!) Akshay works as a jack of all trades for a hilariously awful boss - played by Archana Puran Singh - and her dog, whom he must call "Moolchand-ji." The two are dating two rich girls, who love them but require them to be financially stable before marriage.

The film revolves around a wacky scheme that Akshay and Suniel concoct to become rich.

If that doesn't sound funny, then you will not enjoy this film. If it DOES sound like your cup of chai, then strap in and enjoy the ride!

De Dana Dan is divided into three sections, more or less - the opening third of the film follows Akshay and Suniel almost exclusively. We are introduced to side characters here and there, who will become more important later. The second third of the film belongs to Paresh Rawal and a whole host of comic actors from Rajpal Yadav (who got the biggest laughs from the audience I saw the film with) to Johnny Lever to Shakti Kapoor. The action takes place at a hotel and there is almost a French farce aspect to it, as cases of mistaken identity build up and doors slam open and shut. The last third brings everything together and builds up the pace to a ridiculously high level.

The performances - including lovely Neha Dhupia as a tough talking item girl - were excellent across the board. Akshay Kumar was looking FIT! And the v-neck shirts were much approved in my section of the crowd. Katrina was gorgeous, and even got to do a little physical comedy. The assorted comedians were all at the top of their games. I was laughing WITH Johnny Lever instead of being annoyed at him and - in the biggest surprise of all - Chunky Pandey was really funny as Paresh Rawal's sheepish son Nonny.

There are a couple of other things about De Dana Dan worth mentioning, from an over-analytical point of view. First of all: hello, ladies! Yes. De Dana Dan featured more female comedians than I have seen in a Bollywood film, ever. Those of you who shy away from the masculine dominated comedy genre, should check this out. There is Akshay's awful boss Archana, who gets lots of good laugh lines, and Paresh Rawal's youngish wife played by Aditi Govitrikar and the aforementioned Neha Dhupia. Plus a couple more aunties!

Not only are there ladies but the film takes place in Singapore and - there are actual people from Singapore in the film! There are plenty of East Asian faces, including a house band that gets to sing with Akshay and Kat!

Overall, De Dana Dan is probably the funniest film I've seen this year - and the humor is mostly clean. The songs are good and I might even be tempted into going again if Priyan-ji puts in the rain song for later screenings.

Response to a Newsweek Article

Once again, I find myself stepping up to defend Bollywood from the stereotypes thrown around by the Western media.

This time, the culprit is Newsweek magazine with this article called "Bollywood Gets Real" by Jason Overdorf.

The crux of his argument is that Bollywood is ditching the candy-floss mass entertainers for grittier fare and he uses the success of Kaminey and Dev.D to back up his argument. The article is illustrated with a picture of the (white) Kalki Koechlin dolled up as the prostitute Chandra in Dev.D.

First of all, let me list out the highest grossing Bollywood films of 2009 so far and their genres for you, just to give a sense of perspective.

1. Love Aaj Kal - modern romance
2. Wanted - Southie masala remake
3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani - straight up Bollywood romance
4. New York - middlebrow thriller
5. Kambakkht Ishq - raunchy masala comedy
6. All the Best - clean masala comedy
7. Blue - action


Not too much indie here.

I'll go through the article but before I do, my interpretation of the Newsweek piece is that Mr. Overdorf feels like finally Bollywood is putting out movies that he understands. And then Mr. Overdorf confuses "accessible to Western audiences" with "good."

Here is Mr. Overdorf on Kaminey:

But for aficionados of the Hindi-language genre, Kaminey is a revolutionary manifesto. It takes classic Bollywood tropes—estranged brothers, a case of mistaken identity, high drama approaching slapstick comedy—and presents them with Hollywood-style realism instead of Bollywood's wink-nudge mix of melodrama and posturing. At the same time, Bhardwaj makes clear that he sees Kaminey as a counterpoint to the terrible films Bollywood has churned out over the past two decades.

And it's clear that he is referring to "aficionados" who have never seen, for example, the excellent Parinda - which did much of the same thing... back in 1989. Or even Johnny Gaddar in 2007.

So, I'm just going to assume that by "aficionado" he means "watched some Benny Lava videos and youtube."

And I would like to know how many of these so-called "terrible" films Mr. Overdorf has actually seen. What are the cultural politics at play when an American writer can dismiss two decades of Bollywood cinema as "terrible" without presenting his credentials to make that call? Has Mr. Overdorf suffered through Hum Aapke Hain... Kaun! I doubt it. What about Aishwarya Rai's remake of Umrao Jaan? Probably not.

Then again, I doubt Mr. Overdorf has seen the good films - Rangeela, which also plays with the conventions of Bollywood narrative, or even something like Main Hoon Na.

And does the industry that churned out not one but TWO Transformers movies plus a movie based on the comic strip "Garfield" really have all that much clout in calling every single Bollywood film from the last twenty years "terrible"?

For years, as competition from satellite television and Hollywood has hardened audiences to the old formulas, Bollywood producers and directors have been striving to create a new idiom that retains the charm of the genre's classics but is fresh enough to pack theaters. With a few exceptions, they've failed.

Okay, no.

And what data is he even using to justify this statement. So, every film from the last twenty years has flopped? I'm assuming Mr. Overdorf didn't attend any of the packed screenings of Om Shanti Om at his local Indian movie theatre. And talking about revitalizing old formulas, what do you call the Saif Ali Khan genre? Hum Tum, Love Aaj Kal, etc. etc. have basically changed how romantic comedy is done. There could have been no Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (#3 this year) without Hum Tum.

But now a new crop of young directors, led by Bhardwaj, is reinventing the Bollywood film. Their movies still have songs, but the characters no longer lip-sync, and the dance sequences have a natural, unchoreographed feel. They've scrapped the cheesy multicolored costumes and are more likely to set their films on gritty streets than in glamorous mansions.

Right. I don't even know where to start with this. First of all, there have ALWAYS been movies like this in Bollywood. This isn't some new trend. Kora Kagaz didn't just miraculously time travel back to the 1970s after some Hollywood-inspired savior created it this year.

With the exception of New York, which is a unusual film, the rest of the top films of 2009 feature lip synced songs, garish costumes, and plenty of rich people who live in mansions. And, you know what, people still liked them. While not every film on there is my cup of tea - *cough* Blue - I laughed my head off at Kambakkht Ishq, which utilized tons of things on Mr. Overdorf's "no-no" list and I wasn't the only one.

It's like Mr. Overdorf can't understand that people LIKE lip-synced songs, garish costumes, and elaborate mansions. Who cares if it's "realistic" or not?

The new wave of competent, realistic, story-driven films is already beginning to overshadow the big-budget projects at the box office. This year both Anurag Kashyap's Dev.D and Kaminey outperformed Chandni Chowk to China. In 2008, little, innovative flicks like the terror-plot drama A Wednesday and Rock On!, the story of a Mumbai rock band reuniting for one last gig, earned better returns than more conventional Bollywood fare like the superhero action flick Drona.

Okay, here he is playing with the facts. Both Chandni Chowk to China AND Drona were sold as Hollywood-like. I remember this distinctly. You can't now go and call them conventional, because they weren't. Wanted is a conventional masala film - Drona was not. Drona was hyped as being just like a Hollywood film - check out this promo piece for an example - NOT as a conventional film. And CC2C was said to "bridge the gap" between Holly and Bollywood. Again, NOT conventional. In fact, one of the many complaints against CC2C was that the songs were shortened. SHORTENED.

Everyone is trying to lay claim to the new Bollywood, whether through feebly acted, poorly written films like A. R. Murugadoss's Ghajini or savvy hits like Kaminey. But the challenges remain great. "The headwind we got on Kaminey was incredible," says Screwvala. "It took everything we had to keep it going and market it and get it out there." It's the kind of triumphant ending that makes you want to break into song.


DON'T MESS WITH GHAJINI!!!! Somebody is just looking for a smackdown - Ghajini, the BIGGEST GROSSING BOLLYWOOD FILM of ALL TIME is not good enough for Mr. Overdorf. No. Possibly because it features lip-sync songs.

So, in Mr. Overdorf's world - Ghajini, the biggest grossing Bollywood film of all time, is a joke. And Kaminey, which did very well with the critics and but wasn't really embraced by the Indian public, is the new face of Bollywood.

This just speaks to the disdain that Western cultural critics, like Mr. Overdorf, have towards things that are popular in other countries. Just because Mr. Overdorf doesn't understand the appeal of lip-synced songs and melodramatic acting, they must be worthless. Because Chandni Chowk to China and Drona flopped, they must be "conventional" films.

Mr. Overdorf, I would like to see the research you did for this piece but it looks to me like you didn't do any at all.

Saturday Bolly Goss...!

Good morning!! My big excitement today is that Akshay Kumar answered a few of my questions for!!

The full interview is here and my questions:

Working with Priyadarshan seems to be a good luck charm for you - where does that good chemistry come from? Is it the scripts that he chooses, or his style of direction, or something else?

Everything you just said and more! Apart from the fact I get such a kick out of working for a comedy genius, there is no one like him. He's the fastest director in the business. Priyanji has such a strong team working for him. His shots are set up in minutes, he knows what he wants, he gets it and moves on, next minute he's already reciting you his next script and bam your shooting for his next film before you've even released his last one... You ask no questions. He tells me what to wear, where to stand, what to say, and when to jump, and I happily oblige. I trust him completely. As we speak I am in a village shooting his next film. I'm on the 5th day and still have no idea about what's going to happen in the film. One must surrender themselves as an actor to him, and that's what I love about the man, he's passionate about his films.

Although the fans appreciate every film, the critics can be so negative. How do you keep from letting those bad feelings affect you?

Well it's not a secret that this industry is TOUGH and you need to have a thick skin to be able to deal with the (sometimes harsh) criticisms that come your way. Some of it can be constructive though so I know when to take on board certain things and that's when I put my hands up and say, "I'm sorry, I promise to do better next time". But my family is there to help me get through anything that is thrown at me so that helps of course.

Tashan has developed a cult following online. Is there any film of yours that you think should be a cult classic, or was overlooked by fans and deserves another chance?

I'm not sure, but the thing is I respect the voice of the fans as its them I'm making movies for so if they haven't recognized something then I appreciate it, take on what they are saying and try to make it better for next time. Sometimes I think what happens, especially with movies that break the tradition of a typical Bollywood
Masala film, is that it is not fully understood and then it doesn't communicate properly to the audiences.

I love me some Akshay Kumar!! The Akshay No. 1 Ladies Fan Club did herself proud, I think.

Okay, in non-Akki related news:

* Check out this interview with Vivek Oberoi!

* There is a new film that explores the image of Shahrukh Khan!

* Priyadarshan is holding back the rain song from De Dana Dan for a few days. I think this is a really interesting business decision. For those who see the film early, there is an incentive to see it again the following weekend. Of course, this only works if the film is good enough to see twice but I'll be curious to see if a) it works for De Dana Dan and b) if any other directors are bold enough to add "bonus content" for the second week's screenings.

* Shahid has worked hard for his Chance Pe Dance look.

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Hrithik have been bickering over the use of English in Guzarish. Hrithik feels there is too much and has been speaking lines in Hindi.

* K.Jo. is playing defense about Kurbaan.

And, as you know, I saw De Dana Dan yesterday. First of all, it was hilarious and I should have a review up later, but secondly, I got to see the trailers for Prince - It's Showtime, which looks SO COOL and Veer, which looks SO TRASHY!

I can't embed Veer but here is Prince - It's Showtime!

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Friday Gossip!!!!

Good morning, all! I hope all you Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

De Dana Dan opens today and it has been getting good reviews - it looks like the team of Akshay, Suniel, Paresh Rawal, and Priyadarshan has worked its magic again!

Let's see what gossip is making the rounds today:

* Another interview with Katrina Kaif in which she doesn't really say anything and no follow up questions are asked.

With such good success coming your way, the throne of No. 1 doesn't seem too far away. So why do you or any other actor for that matter shy away from talking about reaching the top position?

Really, actors never get into the number game because it is of no use. See! The point is that if you say that you are there, what is left to achieve? Nothing! right? The best part is to just keep moving on and pick the best roles and filmmakers that come your way.

* And one with Akshay Kumar:

Meanwhile, you don't seem to be having too many friends in the industry though. It seems like they are waiting for a movie of yours to crash so that they can attack you. Any thoughts?

Let's be cognizant of the fact that no one is anybody's friend in this industry. It's impossible actually, and everyone knows it. People befriend people to get somewhere in life. This is not a dig, it's purely human nature. "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine, now come over for dinner while I charm you and your wife" - this is how every industry works.

Of course, Akshay being Akshay, he manages to be hilarious and cute while not answering the questions.

* Ranbir Kapoor might be in Mani Ratnam's next film! The film is said to portray Muslims in a positive light, which will hopefully go some ways in counteracting the terrible stereotypes in films like Kurbaan.

* Debut director Umakanth Thumrugoti (formerly with Disney) lamented the lack of "family fare" in India. He offered his own film (7 Days in Slow Motion) about academic pressures on children as a counterbalance. I'm actually going to go out on a limb and call "B.S." on this one. I say that there are plenty of films in India that one can watch with the entire family - what India doesn't churn out are those dreadful "children's films" that nobody except hyperactive 8-year olds want to want. The whole family can enjoy something like Aladin or Dil Bole Haddipa without them being specifically "children's films." And speaking of - serious fare about the lives of children is usually meant for adults. Think of Slumdog Millionaire, which featured child actors for most of the movie - that was NOT a film meant for the entire family to watch.

* My imaginary boyfriend John Abraham is going to make a documentary on Tiger conservation.

I don't know how many of you are on twitter (myself = @filmigirl ) but Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) tipped us off to his new song promo for Chance Pe Dance!
  1. Shahid Kapoorshahidkapoor
    just type pump it up shahid on youtube
  2. Shahid Kapoorshahidkapoor
    hey chek out cpd's nw song pump it up on youtube n lemme know wat u guys think

Done and done. So, let him know what you think! Personally, this made a cloud of little hearts appear above my head - but that's just me.

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