Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's like everybody was quiet over the weekend and has just now re-started all their publicity activities!! Let's see what's happening!

* Prakash Dad has been super-busy lately - apparently, he's directing his first ever film - a Kannada language version of Telugu hit Akashamantha. Rumor has it that Trisha wanted the role but Prakash Dad decided on my girl Ramya instead! And no offense to Trisha, but Ramya is a fantastic actress. If people haven't seen Amrithadare, I highly recommend it! (Hopefully, she won't have any trouble with the dancers union this time!)

* Boman Irani is either playing a Hugh Hefner type character in upcoming film Fruit and Nut. Be warned that there is a picture at the link - and it's pretty horrifying!

* This just in - Rahul Bose is a nice guy. He has just won an award for being a social activist!

"See, I am not the only person in the country who is doing socially relevant work. There are quite a few out there who are doing their bit and I am glad about that. It's just that when you pick up an initiative, people should know that this is for the keeps. That one is serious about the assignment. This is when such an award comes in handy because it is not frivolous and has a quotient of being genuine to it. Now all I want is people to believe that my efforts are genuine."

* Hrithik is almost confirmed for a new Vishal Bhardwaj film to start filming in 2010.

* The Hindustan Times has a really interesting interview with Priyadarshan up!

"Just because I won the National Award, does not mean I plan to become the next Shyam Benegal or Adoor. Realistic non-commercial films offer you a lot more liberty as a director than a usual film.

On the other hand while making a commercial film you are constantly thinking, will the mass audience like this, will they accept this. It is a lot more difficult to make a typical Bollywood film than a realistic film."

That just strikes me as such an honest thing to say - in a lot of ways, it is easier to assemble the elements for something like Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (a fantastic film in the realistic vein) than to balance all the elements of masala correctly to pull out something like the blockbuster hit Ghajini. At what times would the songs be most effective? When do we switch to the comedy track? How much of the hero's childhood should we show? How long should this fight sequence go on? There so many structural decisions that come into play that a more realistic film doesn't have to worry about.

* The floods in Andhra Pradesh have caused filmmakers to delay this week's film releases.

* According to Star Box Office, the most important thing on the sets of Aisha is Sonam's clothes, hair, and accessories. I can only hope she isn't overshadowed by her outfits...

* And Sallu is up to his old tricks - blowing off journalists! *tsk tsk*

Lovely Genelia d'Souza is now a brand ambassador for deodorant! Well, she certainly doesn't look like she smells bad...

Shahrukh was really channeling his inner Om Prakash Makhija in that suit at Styles for Smiles...

Cutie-pie Ritesh and Bolly debutante Jackie promoting Aladin by eating ice cream!

And gorgeous Bips at the opening of a Jimmy Choo store in Mumbai!


eliza bennet said...

Ok first of all, your warning only helped me to click on the link faster and after seeing the picture I understood how apt a warning it was. Really scary, especially to a person who doesn't like Boman anyway(and wouldn't look at the picture if there was not any warning!!!!)

I hope Prakash Dad turns out to be a good director.

Bips is looking yummy, the girl is slim without looking scary/stick like. Maybe she is taking fitness lessons from John.

And SRK looks so good in a suit.

ajnabi said...

I love Bipasha's look. You know what's weird, the other day I saw a pic and commenters were calling her fat! I can't understand it--maybe they're not used to seeing muscled females and so translate it to "fat?" Or something? I don't get it but I totally disagree. She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Aisha is going to be more about Sonam's fashion than about the story. Especially if Abhay already feels sidelined. Sonam has been talking more about her look and the clothes for the movie than anything else.

Bips is in great shape and does not look like a stick figure with a big head. LOL

myrna_nora said...

Just as Eliza Bennet said, that "warning" is the only thing that made me click the link. My reaction was a mixture of laughter and genuine fear. That is so disturbing.

Filmi Girl said...

LOL at everyone who clicked on the Boman Irani link!! That was so awful that it had to be shared... ;D

And I think the difference with Bips is that she has a broad frame, so she could never be size zero no matter if she lost 20 pounds or 30 pounds. She is very fit, though, for sure.

simran said...

I love Bipasha! I don't care what others say but I think she's awesome :D And not only that, she is one helluva lucky girl...;)


And I thought Boman looked pretty handsome lol ;)

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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