Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Newsday!

Good morning, all!! Episode 2 of I Kissed A Vampire is out today, so don't forget to check it out, if you enjoy that kind of thing (which I do). My review should be up soon - Episode 1 is discussed here.

Question - would anyone be interested in me starting to review Glee? While not Bollywood, it is musical drama done Hollywood style.

Next-o.... Tinsel Town gossip!

And there is a run on Hollywood today for some reason -

* Hollywood scriptwriter Paul Schrader is teaming up with producer Mushtaq Sheikh for a joint Holly-Bolly film called Xtreme City that will star Shahrukh Khan (possibly) and a white guy TBD.

* And Akki may be working with Hollywood directer David Ellis in a film that will supposedly cater to both international and desi audiences. Yeah... good luck with that. Akshay would have been luck doing a Jackie Chan film or something in Hindi where the two play buddy-cops. Go for the Chinese market, yaar! In 10 years they are going to have more money and power than the Americans, anyway.

* Speaking of Akshay, Blue has taken a terrific opening! See! I knew people would like it even though I thought it was kind of boring - just like Race! All the Best: Fun Begins hasn't done too badly, either, which is good. Main aurr Mrs. Khanna has totally tanked. Even Preity Zinta couldn't save it... I guess Akshay is right to call Katrina his lucky charm!

I don't have any pictures today, so how about a song promo for my favorite song from the London Dreams soundtrack - less than 2 WEEKS! I simply cannot wait for this movie!

I think Ajay and Asin are going to have amazing chemistry - can't you tell from the promo?!


eliza bennet said...

I liked the promo very much and Ajay has perfected the art of observing the object of his affections from afar and not look creepy. And he is also a master at hugging his below and making a tortured face (but not overdoing it). These are two of the things I loved about him in HDDCS and I saw them in this promo.

I love Asin and she had equally good chemistry with both Surya and Aamir so I'm not suprised that she is good with Ajay too :) And she is.

And I hope they have an explanation on why the other three in the band are half Ajay's age.

And I totally agree with you on Akshay going over to the East Asian/Chinese market rather than U.S.A. Will they appreciate his enthusiasm and the way those coffee eyes look so earnestly?

Unfortunately Jackie is too old for action now but maybe he could do something with Donnie Yen (I severely dislike Donnie but there is no one else who is young enough)

This is the longest reply ever - sorry!

eliza bennet said...

below = beloved (what was I thinking????)

Anonymous said...

Blue only making 24 crores in 4 days is not good news. The movie was expected to do much better since it was Diwali. Also Blue costs 80+ crores (some say 100 cr) to produce and needs to recover that cost else it will be deemed a flop.

The WOM on Blue is not good and it will drop big in the coming week. I predict a flop after 2 weeks. As of October 30, a lot of other big movies are releasing which will hurt Blue.

Filmi Girl said...

@Eliza I've given up on expecting BW films to explain why the Heroes are on the wrong side of 40 and all their friends are 25! XD

But, yes, I'm glad you agree that Ajay and Asin should have good chemistry! I just adore Ajay in his intense romantic avatar!

@Anon Hmm... interesting point. I think Blue will probably do well through next weekend but London Dreams/Aladin will crush it. Who knows that - it looks like the kind of film that will play endlessly on airplanes/tv so it will probably make its money back in the end.

Janeheiress said...

Filmi Girl, please do review GLEE! That show is fabulousness like nothing else on television (American, anyway), and I would love to hear your take on it.

rhilex said...

Eliza's right-- Ajay HAS perfected that stare without looking creepy. I think they would make a rockin' pair... if only my mind would stop picturing her as his daughter or something, because she seriously looks like she could be!

Asin is an amazing dancer, and there's just some fresh vibe about her that makes liking her contagious!! Maybe it's an awesome Southie thing. =D

simran said...

I LOVED RACE! So how I'm even more convinced that I'll love Blue..I can't wait to watch it!:D

Aww that song is amazing! Can't wait to see this movie .. I LOVE AJAY DEVGAN!! And Asin impressed me a ton with Ghajini and I think she's gorgeous .. :)

simran said...

I have a question :)

Does anyone know what Khanabadosh means?

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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