Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday News!

Ah... tonight I am going to the opera! Pretty high class, I know! I just love melodrama mixed with music - what can I say!

* I just stumbled across this Bollywood podcast - I have no idea if it's good or not (haven't had time to listen) but I thought I would share it.

* The Shruti-Siddharth film is going to be a genre fantasy! Interesting! I don't think Shruti got enough credit for her performance in Luck, so I'm looking forward to seeing her prove herself as an actress.

* Asin joins the ranks of the starvation squad. The poor thing fainted at a media conference for London Dreams. Speaking from personal experience - the only time I've ever fainted, I was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and
a lack of this thing called "eating." It was not a pleasant experience and soon after I put on weight and was much happier for it. Are you listening, Asin?

* Aw!!!!! Akshay Kumar gave all the spot boys of Blue a giant Diwali bonus and intends to host a screening for them and their families. I love Akki!

* Priyadarshan is all over the place this last week - now he's saying "only idiotic films go to the Oscars." Yes. For the most part - yes.

Picture time! Jessica Simpson is in Mumbai filming her reality show "The Price of Beauty" and Gitanjali Jewelry threw a party for her! All the usual suspects showed up...


eliza bennet said...

Starvation Squad!!!! Yet another gem from Filmi Girl :)

Why Asin why? You are georgous as you are girl.

Pessimisissimo said...

Filmi Girl, the opera/Bollywood connection seems like a very natural one to me. Memsaab has written a post on Opera and Hindi Cinema featuring a long list of common plot elements: arranged marriages, long-lost relatives, bad disguises, clever servants, etc. And who doesn't like song and dance with their (melo)drama?

Filmi Girl said...

@Eliza I know, right? She was darling in Ghajini... :(

@Pessimisissimo I think I missed that post somehow - I'll have to take a look. :D

ajnabi said...

If this keeps up I am going to be supremely pissed, because I will have to boycott the films that make actresses lose TOO MUCH weight (like I already have Hollywood) and then I will not be able to watch a bunch of Hindi films. Booo.

I wonder how Jessica felt about her bodyguard/escort guiding her via hip?

Rum said...

ohh god! I knew one of these days someone in the starvation squad would pass out, the sad part is that its Asin! Bechaara, i just feel sooo bad for her!

myrna-nora said...

That is sad if that is the reason Asin fainted.
I have fainted twice in my life, but I doubt Asin could use either of my excuses...unless she either a) just had her wisdom teeth removed and was trying to walk around while still heavily medicated or b) fell off of an elementary school jungle gym.

shell said...

What opera are you heading to? I've never been. I imagine it would be musical opulence at it's best!
Looking at that picture of Jessica Simpson, I wonder if that's what I look like when I wear a bindi?

Anonlee said...

Asin is not the first to pass out. Priyanka has fainted on set and been ill (stomach problems) quite often. I think Kareena also fainted during her zero phase.

Kiran said...

Its dumb of Asin to follow the Slimming trend of Bollywood. She is wonderful as she is & needs to realize that she is going get roles because of her talent, not for any other reasons.
On the bright side, Shruti & Siddharth's big budget fantasy movie sounds awesome.

claire said...

you don't need to be starving yourself to faint (although it sure doesn't help). one of my friends fainted this summer just after getting out of the restaurant where she had a huge lunch...
i have fainted twice before in my life (both time i had eaten little to be fair) and both time i was in a very hot place where i couldn't breath well and couldn't sit either. i'm not saying it's ok to starve yourself, just that it's not the only cause of the faintings, there are other things to factor in..

Note from Filmi Girl:

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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