Thursday, October 15, 2009

Manish Malhotra's Fashion Show!

The big new is, of course, that Bebo and Saif made their joint-debut as runway models!

For those of you who - like me - were on twitter all day yesterday because you were home sick, might remember Dino and Imran tweeting about what they would be wearing.

My favorite tweet from Imran was when he threatened to send ninjas to kill the person who suggested that he wear "clothes" to the event.

Sophie looks beautiful!!! I love the gold - trashy!

Neha is looking a little... plasticy. Is that lip plumper I see?

K.Jo. is out supporting his BFF!


Hi, Kajol!

Wait... who let the zombie in? Somebody call Woody Harrelson

AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! Run, Priyanka!!! BAGOOOO! Oh... is that... UDAY?! EW!

Yummy! Dino!

Look at Saifu's face here - he is totally like, "Bitch, please!" at the photog.

PRI! Hi, Preity!


Okay, and I'm off to work!


eliza bennet said...

Something I noticed about Saif. He looks much worse in the pics he is with Kareena. He looks decent when on his own. Bebo on the other hand is usually fantastic with whomever she is.

I don't like Imran but I like his girlfriend despite the too tight dress.

Kajol, Preity (and Rani although no picture of her) these three are very special to me since they make me cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh and they look great without looking like it is very important to them.

Uday! Brrrrrrr Not someone I care for (except for this vanishing dreams in Dhoom 1) and positively disliked in Mohabettain. But he looks ill, I actually felt sorry for him looking at the pic.

And K-Jo who makes everyone look so good on camera unfortunately is one of the least photogenic people I have seen.

Emily said...

Haye allah, what has Uday done to himself? Is he anorexic now, too? Recovering from the swine flu? He looks horrible!

And Kajoooooool!!! I love that swingy orange trapezy dress thing. I could never pull it off without looking like I was wearing a tent, but she makes it look pretty good!

rhilex said...

Kajol and Preity are positively GORGEOUS and don't even look like they try that hard. I luff them!!!

I also felt sorry for Uday, too; he looks very ill.

But I LOVED Imran's ninja tweet! xD

Filmi Girl said...

Chee! I just noticed all my pictures were pixillated. I'll try and shrink them later so they look prettier. :D

shell said...

I love couture week!
I think I just found my orange outfit for my sister's wedding.

Kjo looks a little tired. Plus, when did the white hair thing start?

Poor Uday. I have a soft spot for him. He does look terribly thin and sick. A fragment of what he used to be. Wonder what's going on.

ajnabi said...

Preity! She looks gorgeous! Did you see the latest pics from the shoot she's doing with Manisha Koirala? It looks very interesting.

I'll add my voice to the chorus about Uday... He looks ill! I hope he isn't. I just saw some "making of" for the film he's doing with Priyanka and he didn't look nearly that thin. :-( Maybe he's pulling a Christian Bale or something, abusing his body for, erm, art.

world_of_blade said...

Holy cow! Uday looks sick and horrible. Your comment on the pic with Priyanka almost made me do a spit take. I hope that man is alright!

simran said...

Uday..? Wow. No comment there lol. I think you guys covered how creepy he looks! xD

KAREEEEEENA! OMG she looks gorgeous! Ugh. Saif looks...Not so gorgeous .. I'm not really digging the facial hair. I had enough of it in Race .. :|

Priyanka looks adorable! I love her :D And I love how KJO manages to look so sophisticated in his pictures .. :)

I hope you had a nice day at work!

Beth said...

I'm looking at this after giggling my way through Go Fug Yourself, so I'm feeling clothes-minded at the moment and must say: while I am always happy to see Preity out and about, I"m not sure I really get what she's wearing. I also think Kajol's neckwear is somehow visually disconnecting her head from her body.

LOVE Saif's expression in his last picture :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Preity and Kajol are wearing Anarkali dresses which are the latest rage in India. I bought several this summer. That is not 'neckwear', it's the duppatta around Kajols's neck. I love the color of Preity's dress. I wonder if Manish designed it.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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