Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Kissed a Vampire: Episode 2

Okay, this is what I was waiting for. I Kissed A Vampire steps up the game with episode 2.

In case you missed episode 1, episode 2 finds Dylan (Lucas Grabeel *so cute*) upset over his emerging vampire-hood and wimping out over telling his best friend/crush Sara (Adrian Slade). The episode ended with the grand entrance of DREW SEELEY (aka Mr. Selena Gomez) playing an evil vampire.

Episode 2 picks up with Drew – we find out his name is Trey, Trey Sylvania - encouraging Dylan to turn to the dark side.

This little conversation between Dylan and Trey is a delight. I mentioned this in my review of All the Best: Fun Begins, but there is something so satisfying about watching two professionals do what they do best. Even though the material is (deliberately) a little cheesy their give-and-take is a lot of fun. Lucas bats his big blue eyes with all the earnestness of a, well, Troy Bolton and Drew Seeley has a lot of campy fun in his black eyeliner.

The song this week is the catchy “Love’s in Vein,” in which Trey explains the perks of vampirism backed by a bevy of vampirettes.

The rock video concept works perfectly here as Trey is trying to glamorize the vampire lifestyle for our young Dylan. Using the rock video format for this song expresses exactly what the dramatic purpose of the song is – Trey thinks being a vampire is awesome and sexy. Since Trey is the obvious kind of vampire, he enjoys the obvious kind of being awesome and sexy – guitars, hot chicks, and hot cars. Perfect.

We leave things with Trey charming Sara into going to a vampire party…

My verdict: Watch this one! And download “Love’s in Vein.”

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Frankie said...

I like your review!!! The music is fun.. and the video is funny.. entertaining.

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