Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Update!

Late morning greetings to you all! Here in the good ol' USA, today is Columbus Day - honoring the Genoese Explorer who popularized the New World back over in Europe by bringing back tales of riches and slaves to be exploited! Thanks, dude!

(The Landing of Columbus - pictured in the Capitol Rotunda)

Columbus has always loomed large over the myth of America - more so in the past than in recent years, where the twin pillars of Politically Correct History and American Exceptionalism have erased him from the public mind. These days we prefer to find our roots in the not-so-contentious Pilgrims of New England, who came to the New World to practice their own brand of religious fundamentalism in peace. American Exceptionalism is more palatable if not tinged with the money-grubbing exploitation of Christopher Columbus, but we here in the States would do well to remember him, just the same. Greed is the nasty undercurrent running through our national character.

Anyways, enough musings for one day - somebody has a full day of slacking planned!

Here is your (brief) Monday update:

* Pyaar Impossible and Prince - Its Showtime both look set for 2010!

* Surprise, surprise - Shakti Kapoor has violated the moral code of conduct while campaigning.

* Rishi Kapoor is Hero No. 1 in Kazakhstan!!! Aw!!! I love reading stories like this - for one thing, it shows those idiots grubbing for Western Attention in Mumbai that Bollywood is already popular all over the world!

* Sallu will be dancing like Dharmendra in upcoming London Dreams! Of course, he will! I would say that Sallu is possibly as good a dancer as Garam Dharam was during the Ram Balram era - when he was about the same age Sallu-uncle is now.

* HOT GOSS ALERT!!! Somebody has been acting up on the sets of Ravana!! "Govinda!" is probably your first thought but, no, filming for him has been delayed.... "Aishwarya?" "Vikram?" Nope! The answer is.... ABHI! Yes, the Junior B has been getting all pissy and threw some poor reporter out of a press conference in Bangalore. thinks that it's because Mani Ratnam has been praising Ravi Kissan (who was excellent in Luck, BTW) and poor Junior B hasn't been getting enough love....

Hmm... what think you?

Sallu's all, "I'm just glad it's Abhi getting the bad press and not me! I'm the golden boy right now!" Look at that face, too! You know he's thinking exactly that...!

Daddy B is just happy that it's his birthday!! (And his "40th," too, if the candles on the cake read what I think they read! Hee!!)


mynra_nora said...

Maybe it for Big B's 40 years in film?

martoufmarty said...

It was Amitabh's 27th annual 40th birthday.

Anonymous said...

That Masala story about Abhishek is pure fiction. I read several interviews when he was in Bangalore for Omega and saw a TV interview and all the interviewers said he was witty and charming. Not one of them mentioned Abhi being a brat and throwing out some reporter. If it had happened you can bet the Mumbai papers would have all reported it.

Plus Mani has a closed set so how in the world would some reporter know Abhi was sulking and why would he sulk when Ravi has a small role? Vikram is the other main lead. LOL

BTW, Masala never has a nice word to say about any Bachchan. So I would not use them for gossip.

Kiran said...

Yippee for Kazakhstan still loving Rishi Kapoor! But with the way the things are trending, this is going to be a fading phenomenon.

simran said...


Aww sorry. I love it when Abhi or Aish get bad publicity .. :P

But congrats Big B on your 40th year in the industry! Can't wait until Aladin comes out :D

eliza bennet said...

I'm hoping good things for Aladdin (loved the tale since I was a kid) but Sanjay Dutt's costume is giving me Drona vibes for some reason (magician connection??)

As for Abhi, he probably has a temper since she looks like and takes after his Mom (yeah sadly I think about these things...) but I doubt that he'd be as stupid as throwing a journo out of a press conference because of a rude question. He is very good at witty comebacks so...

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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