Monday, October 5, 2009

Bujjigadu: Made in Chennai

Bujjigadu: Made in Chennai is one of those revenge-driven southie films that scare away the more tender-hearted viewers, who might otherwise enjoy plenty of scenes of Prabhas without his top on.

And let’s be fair - Bujjigadu is, at heart, the Prabhas show. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, I quite enjoy the Prabhas show but the rest of the film doesn’t quite live up to the stellar performance that Prabhas puts in. If this hadn’t been the Prabhas show, I wouldn’t have made it through the film.

Bujjigadu begins “12 years ago” in what my subtitles referred to as “Vizag” – which I’m assuming is Visakhapatnam. Little Bujji and Chitti are best friends, which in filmi terms means that they are destined to be married. Indeed, after an argument, Chitti tells Bujji that she doesn’t want to see him for 12 years – after which, yes, she will marry him. So, Bujji runs off to Chennai…

… and when we meet him again, he is PRABHAS and a total goonda who idolizes action hero Rajnikanth.

The 12 years being up, he heads back home to track down Chitti and hold her to her promise of marriage. Meanwhile, we see a young woman in a ritzy house running off to meet up with Bujji but Bujji’s parents do not take kindly to the girl who made their son run away from home and they refuse to let her in or take down her phone number in case Bujji comes home.

ALSO, while this romantic thread is happening, Bujji ends up in jail for beating up some cops that he didn’t know were cops. And in jail, he meets up with some thugs who offer him a buttload of cash to take out this other thug that they don’t like.

Bujji is totally fine with that plan. He is a thug himself, after all, and what’s one less thug roaming around the streets of Hyderabad – besides, he’s heard it through the grapevine that Chitti is in Hyderabad, too, now.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot but I kind of need to give away a few plot twists to really discuss the film, so if you haven’t seen Bujjigadu: Made in Chennai and are concerned about spoilers, please look away now.

Still with me?


So, if you’ve seen the film, you know that there is a bit of twist in that the girl who went to Vizag to find Bujji was NOT Chitti!! She was her sister!! Chitti is off in London studying law or something.

The real Chitti is played by Trisha and I think they made a big mistake in her role. Trisha is a fine actress when she’s given a limited amount to do. She was great in Varsham and in NVNV but she fails in Bujjigadu: Made in Chennai because she is unable to conjure any sort of depth from her character.

With multiple lines of deception running through the story, there were so many interesting story possibilities that were never picked up, which really disappointed me.

First of all, Chitti has this interesting line asking her sister what Bujji does for a living now – is he an engineer? a doctor? Of course, Bujji has become the same kind of thug that her brother is – the reason she left home. This issue is never mentioned again. In fact, Bujji just ends up being one of her brother’s many henchmen and presumably he will continue to do so after his marriage. What happened to all of her morals and ethics? We’ll never know.

Another unsatisfying conflict was the fact that Chitti is now well educated and living in London. She has fancy clothes, sits around cafes drinking lattes, and is a typical London girl. Is she really going to be satisfied with a Hyderabad goonda? This is never discussed. The story could have played it in so many interesting ways – like she tries to get him to straighten up and be a productive citizen but he falls back into his old ways and gets her killed and is then repentant but also wants revenge. Or maybe Chitti has to discover that lattes and fancy clothes are not all there is to life. Bujjigadu never has us find out.

Trisha and Prabhas had no chemistry in their scenes and I really, really hated the subplot where Bujji, in his undercover identity, tried to get Chitti to admit that she loved his undercover identity because then it would mean that she was betraying “Bujji” even though he was standing right in front of her.

That sort of baiting is really despicable and is not something I find appealing in a hero – even my favorite Prabhas.

So what is worth watching in Bujjigadu? Prabhas.

He gets tons of dishoom-dishoom to do and if you enjoy watching that sort of thing then this is the film for you. Otherwise, if you are looking for a well-rounded masala flick or one with a nice romance - keep away.


simran said...

Oooooh!! I love revenge movies..Especially if there are a ton of dishoom dishoom moments! :D I'm a total sucker for a good gangster type movie..That's why I loved Kaminey so much! Well that and the fact that Shahid Kapur was in it...;)

MartoufMarty said...

I enjoyed Bujjigadu a lot. I didn't really notice the plot holes and that because I was too busy yelling for Prabhas to kick more people in the face.

I mean, C'MON - at one point he stuck his foot in some fire and kicked people in the face with his flaming foot!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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