Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Gossip!

Monday, Tuesday, WEDNESDAY is today! No new releases this weekend but you know what - Kanthaswamy is still playing. Should I just go? If the PPCC can review a Telugu film with no subtitles, then I can, too!

And confidential to the anonymous troll, here's a tip from me - if you don't like what I have to say as a white woman blogging about Bollywood, don't read my blog. Simple, na? (I'm sure you never read any non-Americans writing about Hollywood movies...)

Anyways, moving on Bolly Bolly Bollywood news and gossip…

* Sadly for us, Salman Khan refuses to work with Priyanka Chopra! They made such a good couple in Salaam-e-Ishq… No Salman, No Akshay – she’s too tall for Aamir (I think) and too old for Saifu. Well, Piggy Chops has a new film with towel-droppoing hottie Ranbir Kapoor in the works, so the uncles can suck it!

* In a rather shocking development, the copycat Namastey London has been banned! For an industry that borrows stories so liberally, its kind of hypocritical to stop this film. It’s not like people aren’t going to see Namastey London if Poran Jai Joliya Re is screened. They’re aimed at two different audiences.

* K.Jo. says no international cut for My Name is Khan. What you see is what you get!

* Vivek Oberoi might be doing a Kannada language film!!! The film in question is Sihi Muttu and he would be doing a special-appearance item song. The article says that Prem is to star - this had better not be Nenapirali Prem because I can't stand him but I will definitely want to see Vivek... Ah... my life is so hard.

* Quick Gun Murugan outperformed every other film this weekend! Congratulations, I say...!

* Our new favorite hero Shahid Kapoor gets candid on Farah Khan's new TV show and tells her about how he felt depressed after Ishq Vishq.

* Sunidhi Chauhan is performing in Nepal, where Bollywood remains very, very popular. (Unless they aren't allowed to like Bollywood, not being Indian. I'll let the anonymous troll handle that one.)

And that's all she wrote for today, folks!


eliza bennet said...

I have been away for a week and now your blog has moved! I hope you like blogger :)

And sorry about your tooth and I agree with you one hundred percent re: size happy & healthy!

I like the fact that Karan Johar makes one cut.

I should check your blog everyday!

I just ordered The World We Live In and hope that it will be worth the purchase. Cain and Abel dissapointed me!

Filmi Girl said...

I think it will be a good move and easier for people to find and comment on things! The transistion will be tough for a while.

I don't think my friend liked Cain and Abel either. :) I don't have much patience for Korean dramas these days but I'm watching J-drama Buzzer Beat with Yamapi right now and I'm really loving it!

ajnabi said...

I'm sorry you've got a troll! Maybe you should eliminate anonymous comments till s/he goes away. :-(

That's weird about Sallu-uncle and Priyanka. Hm. Anyway, I think she'll be cute with Ranbir so I'm looking foward to that jodi.

bollyviewer said...

Hey! Welcome to blogger. What prompted the change? I am glad though - so much easier to comment.

Piggy Chops with Ranbir? Is she playing the older (and plain) woman with him? ;-)

c said...

hey are you calling me the anonymous troll?


Filmi Girl said...

@bollyviewer I did it to facilitate easier blogging... :) And to free up my livejournal for more chatty and non-Bolly related journaling. :)

@ramesh were you the anonymous troll? If so, I was unimpressed.

c said...

why would i say something anonymously on your blog when I could sign my name(deliciously) when I say it? Asked because the words "anonymous" appeared on each of my comments on your lj.


Filmi Girl said...

@ramesh No worries - I didn't think that was you b/c there was no name. I deleted the obviously troll-ish comment. :)

Filmi Girl said...
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Nida said...

Well said about Priyanka! Looking forward to seeing her with the younger crowd...I never really "bought" her with the uncle-jis. Can't wait to finally get around to Kaminey?

And was Ishq Vishq the last movie he did with Kareena? If so, aww...*tear*

Tady said...

I couldn't care less about Salman.....He hasn't made a good film in quite some time...Priyanka shouldn't be reduced to working with rubbish actors like him...nuff said..

Filmi Girl said...

@Nida We may or may not see the final Kareena/Shahid movie which they just finished dubbing for a few months ago... (I hope we do!)

@Tady I agree!! Although I've got my fingers crossed for Wanted, which look deliciously trashy.... XD

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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