Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Gossip!

First of all, who watched Glee last night?! Hilarious.

This show keeps getting better and better and better....

Just one more day until the big Dil Bole Hadippa and Wanted showdown!! I can't wait!

But... let's see what else is happening!

* Okay, yes, I know I'm the only person who finds Nepal's first male super-model extremely fascinating but it should interest all of us to know that when asked who in Bollywood he wanted to work with, he replied, "Sushmita Sen and Rekha." Girlfriend has good taste! I love it!

* Sonam and Imran's tweets have breathlessly reported and turned into a news story (to use the term lightly). I wonder if the actors ever get tired of people taking what they say and making up stories to go around it. If it was me, I think I would deliberately play with expectations and say all sorts of vague things that could get interpreted in a million ways... like "We're just good friends."

* Poor Zayed!! His solo song was turned into an ensemble number in Blue but he's decided to be a grown-up about it. "I'm learning my lessons the hard way. In this industry it's always the big fish eating up the little fish."

I will always have a soft spot for Zayed since he was so awesome and floppy in Main Hoon Na and honestly, I would rather see a Zayed solo number than Sanju trying to "dance" or Lara Dutta flashing her rib cage around. At least Zayed can dance...

* The Celena Jaitely rumors were true!! She is doing a Sandalwood film! It's going to be a remake of Aitraaz with Celina playing Priyanka's role. The other two leads are Upendra and his wife Priyanka.

* What is this "John is no longer bankable" nonsense!! Another studio has backed out of giving him a role in an action/thriller. Look, people, if there is one thing the women (and gay men) who watch Bollywood want to see, it's John Abraham sans a shirt running around and being a tough yet sensitive hero while possibly shooting things or standing up for what's right.

Got it??

So, stop with the over-the-hill uncles and nepotism enabled pipsqueaks and give us what we want.

I saw Dostana in a packed house on opening weekend and the cat calls for JOHN when he appeared on screen were unbelievable. Why aren't you taking advantage of this? If the guy wants to do an action/thriller - LET HIM.

Jeez, did he talk to Vivek at an awards function or something and now everybody has to shun him? I don't get it.

Irrfan Khan walking the ramp in Kolkata!

Okay, is it just me or does Sonam look a little... Rekha-ish in these promotional pictures?

Not that there is anything wrong with Rekha! But a sweet 20-something woman should not be attempting to emulate the greatest lady of a certain age for at least another 30 years!


rhilex said...

LOL-- she does kind of look like Rekha there!

And I totally agree with you about Zayed, even though the only movie I saw him in was Main Hoon Na (but I loved him in it! Adorkable would be the term for Lucky). And he is a pretty awesome dancer, yes!

Anonymous said...

John has the good looks but not the charisma to carry a big film by himself. He does well in multi-starrers because the burden is not on him.

Even in Dostana while his hot body drew attention, it was Abhishek who stole the show with his comic antics.

I like John and think he is smart and hardworking. But you have to know your limitations.

As for Sonam, she should leave the Rehka good to the original diva. Sonam looks much older than her age in those pictures.

ajnabi said...

I think the "not bankable" thing is a bunch of nonsense. It's all just made-up news; anyone who looks at his last few films will see he's quite successful.

Sonam's lost too much weight. Her face needs some youthful roundness. Maybe her dad should stop feeding her sugar-free cake and, you know, help his daughter not get an eating disorder. Just sayin'.

Michael Barnum said...

Filmi Girl, it is so wonderful to wake up and see the love for John Abraham! I will watch any movie in which that guy appears...although I would really like to see him in a sweet, romantic comedy rather then an action film...but I will take what I can get!

Filmi Girl said...

@rhilex Then it's settled! We'll be leading the campaign for more Zayed in "adorkable" roles! XD

@Anon I think John does know his limitations but he also knows what he's good at - and an action/thriller would be a good vehicle for him. Masala/comedy - not so much. :)

@ajnabi I was thinking the same think re: Sonam - she starting to look haggard. Let's get a rosy glow back in those cheeks!

@Michael! Thank you! All the John fans are coming out of the woodwork! I would like to see another film that builds on a tragic romance - like his story in Salaam-e-Ishq opposite Vidya Balan... it could have a happy ending but I want to see some emo before the end... XD Maybe it could be an action film that hinges on a romance - like Ghajini!

Darshit said...

Well, i liked most of zayed's performances. Especially Shabd and Main hoon naa. Its sad wht hapnd to Blue, surely loss 4 the movie. Btw, any idea wht song it is?

Magdalena said...

> All the John fans are coming out of the woodwork!

Heee, yes :) I agree with you Filmigirl, and with Michael too.

And when will we get to see Aashayein?! After reading what John himself had to say about the film and his part in it, I'm dying to watch it. I'm still really, really hoping it will get a release.

Faizan said...

"Jeez, did he talk to Vivek at an awards function or something and now everybody has to shun him? I don't get it."

HAHAHAHAHA... Dude, you have me cracking up!!!

Sonam does look like Rekha there... and trust me, it's a BAD thing.

simran said...

I heard the Zayed Khan story. It is soooo sad! At first I was so looking forward to his solo song. Like you, I've always had a soft spot for him! And his voice..I adore his voice lol. But do you think his song got cut because of Akki..?

Sonam and Imran? Now that is one movie I know I wont watch! I lost hope for Imran after Luck..

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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