Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Gossip Update!

Good morning, world! Another bright sunny day and I'm lucky enough to have taken a few days off to catch up on some rest and relaxation. I've got a big pile of movies to keep me entertained and who knows, I might even bake some cookies or something.

* First up this morning is Aamir Khan, who is keeping fit while on his vacation with his wife Kiran Rao by playing badminton.

* More plot details from Agent Vinod have been leaked.

Says a source, "Kareena's character works for a bunch of corporate honchos who want to rake in the profits from a war-like scenario in the Asian subcontinent. Agent Vinod, who is chasing them, has to first decide whether he can trust her because he believes in the dictum - your first mistake could also be your last!"

Adds the source, "Though Agent Vinod can crack cases even with the most cryptic clues, when it comes to the Kapoor girl's persona, he can't resort to his trademark antic - as someone who first rips the door open and then finds out what's behind it."

Please don't try and make this gritty and hard-hitting! The masala potential is fantastic!

* Akshay Kumar is such a feminist! In this latest interview, promoting Khatron ke Khiladi, he says "I didn’t fall in love with my wife because she could dance around a tree. I fell for her strength as an independent woman. She kicked butt at school and she could do it now if she wanted. She is fearless to the outside world and I think it’s a great perception for women."

This is why I love Akshay Kumar! Although he's a big tough action guy, he knows that being masculine has nothing to do with degrading women.

And speaking of Akki, Mr. Co-Producer of Namastey London has decided not to sign any film that he's knows is an illegal copy. This follows on the heels of the illegal Bengali copy of Namastey London having to deposit its collections with the court in Kolkata - we'll just ignore Akki starring in the (awful) remake of There's Something About Mary, which I'm pretty sure was an illegal copy.

* You know K.Jo. has seen Fashion like at least 10 times!! He's having Shahrukh Khan and Gauri walk the ramp for his new menswear collection.

* Instead of having a giant party on his birthday, Vivek Oberoi visited some cancer patients. What a sweetie! Vivek has always struck me as the kind of guy who doesn't play the Bollywood game of ass-kissing and parties. Of course, he's also the kind of guy who holds press conferences about his personal life...

* Ranbir Kapoor has ditched the Rocket Singh beard (finally) and is off shooting for Katrina-Kaif starrer Rajniti in Bhopal.

* Miss Piggy Chops is the new brand ambassador for Levis Jeans.

Here is lovely Kajol - looking vibrant in RED - promoting a Japanese yogurt drink called Yakult!

And Rani Mukerji looking beautiful while promoting Dil Bole Hadippa!


Sujal said...

No offense, but I don't think "awful" even begins to describe Deewane Huye Paagal...

ajnabi said...

Oh, does this mean they actually procured the rights to "Into the Blue" for "Blue?" Cool.

Rani does look beautiful. I hate that I have to wait for Dil Bole Hadippa to come out on DVD. :-( Desi people, move to my area so I can watch movies in the theater! LOL

rhilex said...

Post weight loss, Rani just doesn't look like... Rani anymore. There's been some change in her face, and she just doesn't have that unique 'Rani-ness' that she used to.

Maybe it's just me, but that's what I think. *shrugs*

And re: Kajol-- I saw her on an interview drinking that! *feels special*

Filmi Girl said...

@sujal LOL!!!! So true - I couldn't even finish it and I am a huge Akki AND Suniel fan. I think dismally awful might be a better descriptor.

@ajnabi I have no idea! Maybe he signed Blue before his whole "no copying" thing.

@rhilex Rani's face looks less full but that could also be because she's getting to be in her 30s... I still think she looks adorable. :)

memsaab said...

Oh I want Kajol's kurti!!!! Parsi embroidery and all! She looks FAB.

I think Rani looks good too...haven't seen her in a while :-)

and welcome to your new blog space (sorry I'm a little late with that)! and appropriately, my verification word today is podism :-D

shell said...

I heard on a desi radio station yesterday about Kjo's fashion line. Interesting.

Also, Kajol and Rani both look amazing! I agree, Rani still looks like herself, just maybe a little more mature.

What made you switch to blogger?

Filmi Girl said...

@memsaab I agree - both Rani and Kajol look FAB! And thanks! It's still a work in progress but it should be a good switch. :)

@shell I wanted to switch over my LJ to more personal blogging, so I decided to create a more public blog. :)

eliza bennet said...

I like Akki's opinions about women and think the world of him.

The thing about remakes is a bit confusing to me. I'm fully against piracy and think that an artist and/or investor in a film should be paid for their efforts/talent.

But how to decide whether the film is a remake (copy) or not? I mean apart from the obvious ones of course.

I remember having a discussion about whether Ghajini is a remake of Memento or not in Bollywhat. I think it is not a remake of Memento but others thought it was. Who will decide on what is what.

Kajol and Rani both look very good and I think the 'Raniness' is still there.

I think therefor I am said...

Akki is so perfecttt. Also, Kajol looks beautiful in those pictures.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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