Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday UPDATE!

Good morning, all!

Have you heard the top news story of today? Maxim India named Bipasha Basu the Hottest Person in India! Yum! The pictures aren't the best I've ever seen of her but I approve of the choice.

In other news, Rani Mukerji should be making her TIFF red carpet premiere tonight! I saw on twitter that she landed last night, so folks in Toronto keep an eye out... you might just run into her at the mall or something!

There's not a lot of juicy gossip today, so enjoy some hilarious non-news!

* Apparently, the yawn-worthy Mugdha Godse was the only one not wearing sunglasses on a song shooting for All the Best. My favorite part of this hysterical article is where they imply that she did it because she was inconsiderate - forgetting, of course, that there are costume people to keep track of things like this.

* This article on Rani at the TIFF is not the only one I found with very similar wording. What is hilarious is that it seems to be written the past tense - as if somebody sent out a press release to a bunch of outlets with the idea that they could publish it after Rani's red carpet debut, but the lazy folks at said outlets just slapped the thing up as soon as it landed in their in-boxes.

* Also, Kareena Kapoor is launching an international fashion brand. Yes. You, too, can look like just BEBO!

Here is Rani with Salman on Dus ka Dum!

Shahid will also be the episode and it looks like it was a blast!

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