Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Update!

First of all, let me tell you that I've kind of obsessed with Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA." It's just so dang catchy! (Yes, my musical tastes veer towards the gay man/teen girl genres...)

Secondly, I've got another new bit up at! Did you know the trailer for Jihaad Quarbaan Kurbaan is releasing with Wake Up Sid on October 2nd? You will if you read my story about it!

And speaking of Bolly gossip blogging, it's really funny how all of these stories make the rounds. For instance, I have a feeling that this one from The Hindustan Times is based on this one that I wrote on Friday.

So, come on PR people, start sending me your memos! I spin real nice... hee!

Moving on to other news...

* Salman and Shahrukh might face off on a dance reality show. That would be something to watch!

* Sonam Kapoor talks about her Jane Austen and Emma and Aiesha!

“I read quite a bit of Jane Austen and I feel that every young girl at one point or another would’ve had a favourite Austen novel. Aisha is based a lot on the book. Here in Delhi high society, it’s all about who you marry, how your wedding should be the best and how you should find the perfect man."

* Katrina Kaif has declared that she will not work with Vivek Oberoi! Has Sallu-uncle threatened to send death threats to Kats if she does?!

And poor Kats has other things to worry about as people are alleging that a young man who committed suicide near where Katrina was filming did so because he couldn't meet her! Nothing I've read suggests that this was the case but... people do like to gossip.

* You can add Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman to the rumored Hanuman film starring Aamir Khan! I'm about 75% sure this is all just press speculation but it would still be fun!

* Rajeev Masand has a new interview with Rani Mukerji!

Rajeev Masand: Sure. You know you were in this Pepsi commercial with Shahid long ago when you were a star and he was still a model. Did you think at that time that this boy is going to grow up and be my lead?

Rani Mukherjee: Actually, when Shahid did the commercial, I was just about seventeen when I was starting and he was I don't remember exactly, maybe probably of the same age or maybe a year or so junior. But I remember he was quite in awe of me and he used to keep on watching me like that. But I do not think I thought on those lines because I was too busy making my own career. I did not look at any boy and go, "Oh, he is going to land up as my hero and I am going to be working opposite him.” No, I did not have any of those thoughts when I saw him at that time. I was just trying to make him feel comfortable because there was Shah Rukh, me and Kajol there. And I was also fairly new. It was my third film after which I did the Pepsi commercial. So I too was new and wide-eyed, trying to get things right and Shahid was also there.

Here is the commercial in question! Look how cute they all are!!

And here is another promo shot of Rani with her cover of Hi Blitz, which I posted Tuesday.


Ameya said...

I love that commercial! I've had it on my computer for ages.. They're so itty bitty! Awww. I didn't realize she was only 17 then, though!! Did she really start that young?

Lovelovelove that pic of rani. Gorgeous!

Filmi Girl said...

She must have been only 17 because she's about my age and that's how young I was back then! Hee! ;P

She looks so much more mature now - but just as gorgeous! :)

rhilex said...

Rani was actually 20 in her third film (KKHH)...

But OMG, I've seen that commercial before, but that was waaaay before I even knew who Shahid Kapoor was. Now it's like a total squee-fest for me! <333

Filmi Girl said...

Shahid looks so YOUNG! What a cutie he is!

(And we think he has a baby face now... ;P

Darshit said...

So, there, you must have seen this ad featuring Shahid and Aayesha Takia, as kids!!!

Filmi Girl said...


OMG! Darshit, that is hilarious!! If Ayesha Takia and Shahid ever star opposite one another in a film, they had better reference that commercial!

Jenna said...

LOL on the Pepsi commercial. They all look so young! But, amazingly it did kind of make me want some Pepsi!

Filmi Girl said...

@Jenna That's funny! The Coke commercials will work with me but not Pepsi - I don't really care for it. (Too sweet.)

shell said...

Okay, so first of all I would totally watch a dance off between Sallu and SRK!

Second of all, LOVE the commercial. I hadn't seen that one (and I thought I'd seen all of Shah Rukh's commercials). Rani and Shahid look so completely adorable. I love how Kajol plays the tough chick. Great great stuff!

Bollyviewer said...

Now how did I manage to miss that Pepsi commercial? SRK, Rani AND Kajol would surely have registered!

Darshit, you are a mine of information. I've no idea how often I have seen that Complan ad, even recently on youtube, and NEVER once suspected who the kids were!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Rani was totally lying about her age there. She was 20 and Shahid was 17. She has a good 3 years over him. Why can't she admit it?

Anonymous said...

ARRRRRRRGH! What happened to your blog??? :O

eliza bennet said...

She says she is older than Shahid and that she is just starting in her career.

Shahid is not the type of man I find attractive his face is too busy...

I'm not really interested in a dance off with SRK and Salman.

Filmi Girl said...

@anonymous I moved! Welcome to my new digs. :)

@Eliza I don't think they're dancing b/c that would be a total one-sided victory for SRK! I think they're just both going to be on the show.

Darshit said...

@filmiGirl oh, tht wud be really interesting. Both shahid and aaysha wud make 'sweetest' pairing.

@bollyviewer Thanx :-D . I think the 'safola' ad also has Shahid in it. (remember kid playing with huge pudi, bhaji and gulab jamuns? ) just wondering, not sure.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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