Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rangeela Part 2

I hope everyone enjoyed my Rangeela essay because today it's all visual - Rangeela in pictures!

Following up on my Rangeela post from Monday, every time I watch Rangeela I always think a) “OMG, Urmila looks just like Jennifer Aniston in Friends and b) “I kind of feel like watching Reality Bites.”

Why? Urmila’s ultra-1990s floral dress plus cap plus black boots. In 1994, I would have killed for this outfit.

Next time I go out clubbing, I’m doing this move and see if anyone joins in. I love this opening number – and black 1990s boots!

Check out those 1990s-style jean shorts! Nobody would be caught dead with a waist that high anymore!

Black boots + yellow unitard = fashionable dancewear!

Urmila is just so darn cute through this whole film! The pigtails just kill me…

She may be cute but she’s not putting up with any nonsense – so watch out!

“Dus Ka Tees… dus ka tees…”

Aamir Khan gives us a good look at Munna’s esssstyle - pleated, high-waisted jeans, mesh tank top, and collared shirt unbuttoned to a dangerously low degree.

Urmila in her casual look – tight jeans and a modest shirt!

Jackie Shroff looking rakishly handsome – the only time in the whole film! I like the jaunty angle of his cigarette.

I love this scene – Munna asks what so great about the Hero’s shirt! It’s just rented – he’s BOUGHT his!

“Mangta Kya Hai…” What a great song!

I love when the Friends couch takes Aniston and Aamir on a trip around New York City!

Aamir and Urmila in their matching Charlie Chaplin outfits – Urmila is backlit a lot in Rangeela.

From fancy white evening-wear to black beatniks! I got kind of obsessed with watching Aamir’s floppy hair in these scenes – he had some massive hair. I wonder why they didn’t gel it to kingdom come like Anil Kapoor’s always was.

Remember that 1990s mustard green?! Ew!

Wait, who directed this again…? Can you believe this is the FIRST butt shot of the film?

Urmila does manage to look fantastic in the red two-piece, though…

I always laugh at Jackie Shroff “jogging” down the beach in jeans and a black button-down shirt and dress shoes. It looks like he saw the red vision of Urmila and booked it down to the beach as fast as he could.

I hate his objectifying vision – like his “okay” means anything…

Urmila pulling a Bye Bye Birdie in one of her many skorts…

EEEEEE! The rehearsal scene! Check out those cute PJs!

Aw! Munna likes the PJs, too!

And cheering her up by reading her lines! CUTE!

I actually like her floral dress with the slit up the front…

Check out the lens flares on Munna’s ride – and that sweet yellow jumpsuit!

I don’t mind Urmila’s booty shorts in Munna’s fantasy because they’re just a filmi version of what she usually wears. Besides, she wore something similar in her own fantasy dance in “Rangeela Re.”

Still not as objectifying as opposite Jackie Shroff in “Tanha Tanha…”

And Munna never wears anything as remotely hideous as the SPEEDO!

Mili just isn’t like herself all made up all fancy…

Stupid Kamal-ji can’t tell the difference though…

This is my favorite scene – look at Urmila’s eyes and how upset Aamir is!

How heartbreaking!!!! Aamir does lovelorn so well…

So SWEET! I love this movie!


layla-aaron said...

These are awesome screen caps! I am seeing this movie with different eyes after your LJ post. I think I'm going to have to re-watch it soon. :)

Aamir's floppy hair - those waves - FTW!
Aamir does lovelorn - those eyes - FTW!
The stroll down memory lane with the fashions - FTW!

Filmi Girl said...

Clearly, I need to re-learn how to format though!!! Sorry about the weird cut-offs. I'll try to fix this when I get off of work.... *is embarrassed*

But, yeah, Aamir is totally made of win in Rangeela!

eliza bennet said...

Great screen shots!

Rangeela is the first Bollywood film I have seen Aamir in and he put me into a shock since I wanted this guy, wearing a mesh vest+chest hair and a hideous shirt tied at the waist, take me in his arms like he did Milli in the end!!!! (of course then I watched other films with Aamir and I like him a lot but, my crush was definitely on Munna, not Aamir)

Yes this is Mili's film but I think Aamir stole it from Urmilla (who is a good actor and would love to see her in more films)

And I like RGV a lot as a director. Yeah he has a voyeur side but he is much more than that. He does great mood and has a way with camera - all those close up shots, particular mise en scene and most importantly using all these to tell good stories whether they are sweet romance, gangster or scary. I'm eager to watch his new film and I hope it does well at the box office.

Filmi Girl said...

Eliza, I agree about Munna! I definitely had a crush on him, too!

Although, I do like Aamir's romantic persona in other films - like Dil Chahta Hai - despite all the bad fashion, and the fact that he's way shorter than me, I wouldn't mind having him hug me at all... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm just trying out the new comment form on the new blog. Great pictures - I love that movie.

shell said...

I think I'm going to watch this tonight!

Filmi Girl said...

@anonymous Welcome!! Thanks for putting up with me - I think this will be easier for most people and I'll still be doing stuff on LJ. Obviously I still need to work on my photo-posting skillz... :)

@shell DO IT!

myrna_nora said...

That "Anonymous" is an LJ watcher whose computer is arguing with her. I get an error if I use "openID." I'm trying one more time to see if my name will show up.

Filmi Girl said...

@myrna_nora Thank you for putting up with me! :)

I will try to set up an LJ feed, too. I think Fivil does the same thing with her blog & LJ.

ajnabi said...

I would've killed for those outfits back in the day too. Junior year of high school FTW! LOL

(I thought Jackie looked pretty awful in the film overall but I agree that in the cap you've chosen he looks hot. I have a thing for him. Don't judge me. ;-) )

Darshit said...

Mast review hai re...Mili.

Welcome to Blogger.

Filmi Girl said...

@ajnabi OMG! Yes! I rocked some very 1990s outfits although as an awkward teen, they looked way less cool than on Mili.

@darshit Thanks! I think it will be a good switch once I get the hang of things.

theBollywoodFan said...

Every time I see Rangeela, I can't wonder how much better it could've been with a better second half with a different way of tackling the Jackie Shroff-Urmila bit. They might've had one song too many, but the rest, as you say, probably makes up for a lot.

Urmila is really cool, it's sad she hasn't gotten/done good roles in the recent past. :(

And each of these screenshots is great! Can a magic couch ride ever look so magical? I think *not*, LOL.


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