Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GQ Men of the Year!

GQ held it's Men of the Year Awards function in Mumbai and Amitabh Bachchan won a special "lifetime achievement" award!

The real award for us, however, are the candid photos!

Aishwarya and Abhishek fresh off their North American jaunt on Oprah... I have to say that I do like Abhishek's Ravana look.

The couple that never ceases to look uncomfortable - Jaya and the Big B.

Irrfan Khan and Dineo Morea - an odd couple if I ever saw one.

It's not a real party, though, if Manish Malhotra isn't there!!

My favorite couple of the night - K.Jo. and Katrina!!! Who could ask for a better escort?! I wish K.Jo. could escort me to all my functions. I bet he has the bitchiest things to say about everyone... Don't you love her dress, though? Katrina is looking really good.

Not looking great is Bono Saifu, who should NOT be wearing those glasses. They make him look like he's tragically trying to hold on to the last threads of youth rather than making him look... youthful.


eliza bennet said...

OMG so many things to comment on.

First the positive,

I love Manesh's shoes.
Katrina looks lovely indeed and Abhi looks very good.

Abhi's suit looks cheap (which probably is not)

And Saif and Kareena? Did you even look in the mirror before going out looking like that? How can two good looking people manage to look this bad.

When AB mentioned Saif's glasses in his blog this was not what I thought.

And Filmigirl! Congrats on AB and Jaya comment - yet another completely true gem (they do look very uncomfortable, and always)

bollywooddeewana said...

I really didn't like Kat's dress, the back isn't so flattering see more of it here

Saif really shouldn't be slicking his hair back like that, it makes it look like his hairline is receeding, i wish he would just shave it all off omkara style

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza The Big B mentioned Saifu's glasses?! I'm going to have to go find that reference!! HEEE!

@bollywooddeewana I saw the back and I still liked it... different tastes, I guess. :)

And WORD on Saif's hair!! EW! It's better than the bandanna but not by much.

eliza bennet said...

Ok I'll take the bandana over glasses. And what about Kareena's dress? The colour and the print are not right for her although she looks better than Saif.

And Big B wrote something along the lines that since Saif was also wearing glasses he felt better wearing his glasses (now that I have seen the pic I'm thinking Big B was just a touch humourous, solely by mentioning them)

Anonymous said...

Jaya Bacchana should stick to wearing sarees. She looks elegant in those. In all her other avatars, she has never failed to be cringeworthy.

My eyes! My eyes! Who the hell dressed Saif and Kareeena?

simran said...

Awww I was expecting Kareena to look the best! Her dress is kinda..Not the best lol

And I hate to admit but Katrina looks great. Man, how I wish I could go around with KJO on my arm :P


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