Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday News Update!

Another Friday with no big releases… is it time for Dil Bole Hadippa yet?

What about now?

Okay…then… let’s distract ourselves with some silly gossip!

First of all, please to be reading my take on the latest Shahid interview – you can find it here!

* Bollywood Hungama has some pictures of Bipasha’s exciting bikini burqa look for Lamhaa! I kind of can’t wait for this movie. I know it had a lot of troubles shooting and then Sanju refused to finish up his role but… still! A new terroromance!

* Yet another bland interview with Ranbir Kapoor. I hate lazy Q&As. And apparently so does my boy Ranbir who could not be taking this less seriously.

CNN-IBN: Tell us something about Karan and Konkona which we don't know already?

Ranbir Kapoor: Apart from being a god-gifted, talented actress, Konkona can finish a 300-350 pages book in an hour flat, which I think is marvelous. I think it will take me 300 days to do that. And Karan Johar is the most giving person you will ever come across in your life.

He and Deepika are getting ready to torture us with their lack of on-screen chemistry in another film to be called Mera Jahaan, which is about a comic book writer, and he’s doing a double role!

* And somebody I’d much rather seen Ranbir paired up with on-screen is Kangana Ranaut, who is sporting some collagen-looking lips these days. While the collagen will wear down eventually, this quote from her publicist will last forever:

"Kangna has a shellfish allergy and she'd inadvertently had a salad that afternoon with shellfish in it which caused a reaction."

Is this the same restaurant that Jeremy Piven goes to?

I’ll be hear all night, folks!

* Do you have any idea how much I’d love to have lunch with Sharmila Tagore?! She gives the bitchiest interview every about Saif… a sample:

"I really don't know how the directors work with him. He is a difficult actor to work with. The directors probably pull their hair out. How it happens I don't know, but I like what I see of him on screen."

And you know this is her being polite – imagine what she would have to say candidly!

* Asin has finally had enough of Salman Khan and is refusing to meet with him. While the article I linked to wants to stir up trouble by saying Katrina must have warned Sallu away, I think that it's much more likely that he was hitting on her big time and she got fed up with it. Considering that Asin has been bringing her father to set for protection, it doesn't seem unreasonable...

* And here is something for the Ajay Devgan in Man Pain fans - he had to whip himself for London Dreams. Yes. Literally flog himself with a whip for "artistic purposes." Why aren't I watching this right now?

* Shiney's bail plea has been rejected again.

* Prem Chopra is following the buzz train down to Sandalwood! All the cool kids are going South, yaar!

* And, finally, Toronto is wicked excited to be getting Bollywood films at the TIFF!

Publicity photo time!!!

Poor Ayesha Takia let her make-up artist get a bit too carried away here… The film is Wanted, not Wanted: A Drag Queen for the Holidays.

Bebo with the Khan brothers at the music launch for Main aur Mrs. Khanna!

And Bebo with the less-unfortunate looking Khan brother!

The Dance Pe Chance poster!!!!!

Shahid + Genelia is going to equal the cutest movie on Earth!!!


Anita said...

Toronto is wicked excited to be getting Bollywood films at the TIFF!


Yes we are! :D

eliza bennet said...

Hmmm Ayesha Takia's face looks better with less make up. She was fantastic in Dor (both performance and looks) and imagine my suprise when I watched SEI and see her in rainbow make up which doesn't suit her at all.

Sharmilla Tagore simply caught me in her spell when I saw her in Tasveer and later in Chupke Chupke. I like Saif more now just because he is her son.

I wonder what is happening with Asin and Salman on a related note, why is Katrina still with him?

Toronto people are lucky, the only time we see a Bollywood film here was Devdas years ago in a festival (I don't count Mira Nair)

I think they thought about releasing Mission Istanbul but even that was not widely shown (if shown at all)

I would love to watch a Bollywood film in a theater, something like
K3G or Sholay or B&B.

Anonymous said...

What icy demeanour? I have not seen Shahid and RAni have this much fun with any of their other co-stars. They clearly share a great friendship. And no I'm not a RAni fangirl who believes there is some hot affair between them. But check this out

ajnabi said...

I feel sorry for Ayesha for that photo. Gah. You know she had it all done in dim lighting where it looked fine and then stepped out in the afternoon light and... Darn.

I can't believe someone actually cast Deepika and Ranbir in a film together. He is SO MUCH BETTER onscreen than she is; why didn't they cast her opposite Harman or something?

Anonymous said...

LOL - Ayesha's makeup (and hair color) is bad but what about Kareena. Did you see the closeup pictures of Kareena? Her makeup is horrific. She looks like more of a drag queen than Ayesha. And that dress is not flattering with those ugly shoes.

Yet Kareena calls herself a style icon. LMAO

Filmi Girl said...

@Anita You know I'm so jealous!! Say hi to Rani for me!

@Eliza I have no idea about Sallu/Katrina. At the risk of being very cynical, I would say she hasn't finished out her contract yet. ;D

I have really enjoyed my local Bollywood theatre since I moved to Washington, DC. :) What kinds of international films do you get in Turkey? Hollywood? Egyptian? I'm curious!

@Anon Ah... I used "artistic license" based on the promo pictures I've seen of them looking awkward together. ;D

@ajnabi LOL!!! What about Deepika/Aftab?! Let's just get all the woodenest actors into one film!

@anon 2 I had noticed those shoes!! And the fact that she wore that outfit to 2 events!! Hee hee!

Faizan said...

Poor Ayesha! What the heck did she do to her hair???

daydreaminglotus said...

Yay! Genelia and Shahid together. And with a title like Dance Pe Chance we better see more dancing from Shahid to make up for the lack of it in Kaminey.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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