Friday, September 11, 2009

Aa Dekhen Zara: Sci-Fi Time Pass!

Today's review to be transferred is Aa Dekhen Zara! Did anyone else besides me even see this? It was a fun time-pass movie with a silly plot, pretty actors, and a couple of good songs - in other words standard boilerplate masala. Neil and Bips didn't have the smoking hot chemistry of Hrithik and Aish in Dhoom 2 but otherwise Aa Dekhen Zara was a comparable film.

Neil Nitin Mukesh proves he can play an old-school Bollywood HERO in Aa Dekhen Zara! The movie was nothing special, but it was a lot of fun - like a Brij film, where the hero and heroine run around and do stuff while being chased by bad guys!

Here is the set-up, Neil Nitin Mukesh plays "Ray", a wildlife photographer who is struggling to get by. His grandfather dies, leaving him a mysterious camera that will show you the future if you click a photo with the settings set correctly. Mixed up in all of this is his delicious neighbor Simi - Bispasha Basu - a DJ who has both feet planted firmly on the ground.

I won't give away more than that, but here are the things I liked about the film.

* Bipasha Basu is adorable - even with some painful looking abs in a few of the picturizations. I like that she is both older and darker than Neil Nitin Mukesh. The role doesn't require her to do much more than run around and occasionally look doe-eyed but she does it well. Her character is refreshing, as well, as Simi has a life outside of romance and is capable of taking care of herself. She gets herself out of a few tricky situations by doing things like jumping over a balcony and hitting a guy with a gun.

Plus, Bipasha's style was really hip! She had this cute little snow flake tattoo and very urban outfits that were perfect for running around and jumping and playing records! I coveted many of her clothes, although I'm sure they wouldn't look as good on me!

* Ray is a totally normal guy. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that I thought things were pointing to him using the camera in a selfless manner but he ends up doing what any of us would end up doing if we had a camera that could predict the future! Plus, Neil is such a big dork that he was the perfect choice to play the guy who lets events carry him away. Unlike some of the more capable heroes, Neil Nitin Mukesh is totally out of control. Can you imagine Aamir Khan letting events bounce him around like a ping pong ball? No way, right?

* I really enjoyed how the film was shot and the picturizations. It was very modern and cool! Some of the settings added a nice mythic feel to things - like the safe deposit vault where Neil picked up his camera, which was right out of Twin Peaks!

* Rahul Dev was fantastic as The Captain! In true Brij-fashion, we even got some cheese cake shots of him in a towel. I want to see more of this guy!

The only complaint I have about AA Dekhen Zara is that there wasn't enough set-up.

You know me - I love my half hour plot set-up at the beginning of the film. The action started a bit too quickly for my tastes. When that happens, the characters remain flat - like in a Hollywood film. So, we are never really given a chance to place Simi and Ray in the contexts of their families and backgrounds, which isn't really a big deal but it does mean that I didn't get too emotionally attached to either one. A Bollywood film can get away without a long plot set-up but only if the chemistry and script aim for high melodrama and have actors with the chemistry to pull it off - like Dhoom 2.

So, in short, go see Aa Dekhen Zara if you enjoy thrillers like Dharmendra's Yakeen or if you would have enjoyed Dhoom 2 without the chemistry between Aishwarya and Hrithik!


ajnabi said...

If you want more of Rahul Dev, he's in every other Telugu action film. :-) I like him a lot too, starting when I saw him in Asoka.

I think I'll take a gander at ADZ soon.

Filmi Girl said...

Since I'm going to be watching all Kollywood all the time, I believe this is the start of a beautiful Rahul-Dev fangirling season!

shell said...

I've heard of this but hadn't really given it much thought. I liked Dhoom 2 quite a bit so maybe I'll check this one out.

Sujal said...

I'd have to say I agree with your review.

It's not a movie that'll win awards or anything, but it's an alright time pass movie.

I like that they made NNM's character how they did... using the camera for his own personal gain instead of becoming a true "hero" like they try to do in most movies.

And the ending to the Rahul Dev storyline... it was kinda weird.

Darshit said...

Well, agree. This was a nice timepass movie that didn't let me down for a moment. Thoroughly enjoyable. And yes, looking forward to sequel.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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