Saturday, December 7, 2002


Your treat today is from deep in my archives! After I saw murder-mystery movie Gumnaam, which I really enjoyed, I decided to have some fun with it and focus on the far more interesting parallel narrative of Pran and Helen's characters. It's not very often that Pran gets a love story!


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On to the show!

Some people may be under the illusion that Gumnaam is a murder mystery starring Manoj Kumar and Nanada - INCORRECT! Gumnaam is the tragic love story of Kitty and Rake, two crazy kids who just wanted to go on a nice vacation.

Rake, a trial lawyer with a healthy appetite for booze and a fashionable skunk stripe in his hair, and Kitty, a secretary with a hidden talent for dancing and love of swimming, have their fateful meeting at a masked ball. They both win a FREE vacation to an exotic location out of the country in a raffle. Aren't they lucky?!

Of course, nothing can ever go smoothly in the opening minutes of a film. Rake and Kitty's plane strands them in a mysterious (and seemingly empty) land. OH NO!

Rake is wary. Smart man.

He bonds with Kitty right away - trying to get her to share in his interests.

And offering his protection from the evil forces at work in the area.

They realize they share an affinity for jaunty robes and fall in love!

She really likes this alcoholic!

An innocent swim outing turns into some serious flirting!

She agrees that since he took an interest in swimming, she will try some booze.

Now they have TWO shared interests and decide to get married as soon as the vacation ends and they return to Bombay.

Then TRAGEDY strikes! Kitty is murdered and poor Rake is the one to find her body. He goes crazy with grief.

He goes so crazy that his metaphorical tiger manifests itself outside.....

NAHIN!!!!!!!! And here ends their tragic tale. The poor kids never stood a chance. *sniff*

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