Sunday, December 15, 2002

2011 ADVENT DAY 15

Another treat from my top secret vault... A POST ABOUT PADMA KHANNA! I had to do some editing of youtube links because, unfortunately or fortunately, video on youtube doesn't live forever.

One addition I found...

Padma Khanna today!

Oh, Padma Khanna… I know nothing about your personal life except what I’ve found on the Internet – you were born March 10, 1940. That’s it.

Padma Khanna was not a great dancer or actress. She did mostly item numbers and the occasional vamp role. She has not found critical acclaim late in life like Aruna Irani or Helen. In fact, I didn’t even care for her when I first started watching the older Bollywood movies. She can be kind of awkward and is often seen spilling out of whatever costume they’ve poured her into – but you know what? Over the years, Padma Khanna has really grown on me.

Watching Jalte Badan over the weekend really sealed the deal. I love her trademark character – the woman who vamps because she can and nobody has told her not to but then she learns the meaning of life and dies from a gunshot wound after first killing a bunch of mobsters with her gun!

Even when wiggling her hips and making her dil go dhak dhak, Padma was never overtly sexy like Bindu or Rekha. She was more like Helen – an innocent kind of fun-filled dancing. It wasn’t her fault if you couldn’t resist those hips…

Here are 9 fun Padma Khanna Cabaret Songs!

#9 “Aag Se Aag Bujha Le” from Jalte Badan

What do you mean that every “pot party” doesn’t come with Padma Khanna descending from the ceiling in a gilded cage? There isn’t enough of her in this song…

#8 “Pyaar Tujhe Aisa” from Kashmakash

[Video taken down.]

This one is classic Padma – awkward dance moves and an ill-fitting silver mini-skirt and bodysuit combined with great enthusiasm! Watch for bonus Ranjeet (HOT!) and Ramesh Deo (ALSO HOT!)!

#7 “Nodidheya ee” from Operation Diamond Racket

[Video taken down.]

Padma Khanna must have done a ton of regional cinema – she’s got a great figure for Southern movies. I need this Kannada movie! Karate, dragons, what more do I need?

#6 “Pyar Hai Gunah” from Paapi

[Video taken down.]

With a set stolen from Teesri Manzil and a melody from Led Zepplin, Padma is pretty rocking in this one!

#5 “Husn Ke Lakh Rang” Johny Mera Naam

A sensible knee-length skirt and some black go go boots are the perfect seduction outfit! I love when she does high-kicks using the rifle to prop herself up!

#4 “Hone Lagi Hai Raat Jawan” from Naina

Aw! Padma is all traditional in this one – check out the lime green outfit! Shashi doesn’t quite know what to make of everything…

#3 “Aa Janne Jaa” from Paapi

[Video taken down.]

Watch her wiggle her hips in this Hawaiian-themed cabaret song!

(“I’m sorry you find me so irresistible…”)

#2 “Kaanp Rahi Main" from Joshila

She is looking very good in this one! I love the red sparkly leotard…

#1 “Aapka Sarkaar Kya Kuch” from Hera Pheri

I love this movie and I love this song! The brass band that follows her around is my favorite part!

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