Tuesday, December 3, 2002


Your present today is... a pretty doll to play with!

(And if anybody knows any other songs in which the dancer plays a doll, I'd be happy to add them to the list!)

From Dil Hain Tumhara, which is a terrible film, comes the haunting "Dil Laga Liya." Preity Zinta as a marionette with puppet master Jimmy Shergill as backup.

A drunken Rishi Kapoor manhandles mannequin Madhuri in "Jadu"... despite the peppy music, it has some really dark undertones, if you ask me.

And from Purab aur Paschim - the divine Saira Banu plays a ditzy memsaab marionette to Manoj Kumar's hearty desi marionette!



Kaitlyn said...

The last song in Paheli has SRK and Rani as puppets.

Nerdypanda said...

I really like Dil Laga liya. thanks, filmi girl.

Khoya-Khoya-Chand said...

Chori Chori (the older version) has a song called "Jahan Main Jati" which is picturised on Raj Kapoor and Nargis as Rajasthani puppets. One of my favourite songs <3

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