Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Post: Let's PARTY DA MOOD!

I forgot about this! Yash Raj trying for force cinemas to go digital in order to combat piracy. I wonder how many single screens managed it…

I'm not convinced that this is the best way to get people into theaters, seems like pirated DVDs will be available no matter what.


Let us spare a thought for Ramesh Sippy, who has seen his masterwork, Sholay, taken out of his hands.

Looking at Sholay’s artwork, Sippy asks, “Have you seen the posters of Sholay 3D? It doesn’t look like the film I made. I never wanted the original film to be tampered with. But I might still have approved of the 3D version, had they made me an active participant in the process. But they didn’t even take my consent.”


Here's the money behind IIFA. Looks like tickets are going to be $75 and available in January.


Koffee with the Khiladi.

(Related: I miss Ranveer Singh's mouche but the loss of it doesn't seem to have sapped his ridiculousness that much.)


Longish and fairly evenhanded interview with Katrina Kaif.

“I really enjoyed working on Dhoom 3. Honestly I went in with that intention and I gave it my 150 per cent. And I went through the experience very happily – we had great trainers, we had Cirque du Soleil people teaching us aerial work. I had fitness trainers who were getting me strong enough to lift my body weight without harnesses. It was a whole experience that I invested a whole lot of time into. So I hope this had the desired impact. Because it is not something which has been cleverly constructed by cinema or camera – it has been worked on and rehearsed with a lot of effort.”

YOU GO GIRL! Wow! That will be something to keep in mind.


Miss Lovely has gotten an A certificate and a release date.


This sounds like something I have no interest in seeing. Farhan Akhtar playing a rustic policeman? Shahrukh Khan as a rustic bootlegger? Yeah, no thanks.


Nargis Fakhri remains the dry, slightly underdone but left in the toaster until it's cold toast of interviewees.

Would you say that comedy is the most difficult genre you worked on so far?

I don’t know. It did not seem so difficult but my challenges are very different from other people. My challenges will still be the comic timing in Hindi because it’s a foreign language. We will only have to wait and see how it turned out. I must say that I really enjoyed it though.

Nargis doing comedy. I cannot wait for this trailer.


Kunal Roy Kapur joins Action Jackson.

And speaking of Ajay, is this code for Ajay is going to play a super-camp gay ghost because that is probably a terrible idea. Unless it's a secretly genius one.


One wonders if the "senior reporter" mentioned here is coincidentally named Vinod Talreja.

And another classic Bollywood Life zing tagged to the end of this one.


Richard Gere is the lucky man who gets to romance the divine Lilette Dubey.


If the Junior B is really watching his films everyday and making notes… my sympathies.


I can't speak to any of the issues raised in this interview with Shaji Karun but I found it interesting.

Indian films have been in the Cannes film festival’s official selection regularly, but it is about 19 years since we had a film in the Competition section. Your Swaham was among the last to make that cut, in 1994. Why is this so?

In the generation of Guru Dutt and Bimal Roy, the middle class grew up with culture. Today’s generation grows up with only money. Cannes looks for films rooted in Indian culture, not the same kind of films they make. Our films are imitating the West, they are not telling our own truths. Indian films are a lie, and Indian filmmakers are liars.


A film I have zero interest in unless it's revealed that the actual star is Lilette Dubey and it's a comedy about an auntie who has to put up with dumbass 30-somethings who act like spoiled teens. That movie, I would see.


And I have to thank G. Khamba over at Firstpost for pointing out that Govinda is back. And this time on CD, with his first music album feat. "Party Da Mood." A story I originally missed because I was on furlough, it seems. (TOI link to album launch in early October.)

Laugh all you want but you can't stop the Entertainer No. 1. GO TEAM CHICHI! Work that money maker! You've got to love these uncles--Javed Jaaferi, Arshad, Chichi--who still have sweeter moves in their 40s and 50s than young bucks like Imran Khan.


Hard Kaur having a good old time at the Babloo Happy Bhai movie launch. She got a lot of shit for supposedly being high but so what? Is the Prime Minister there? No, it's a second tier movie launch. Let the woman enjoy the open bar, for god's sake. When did everybody get so uptight? Wouldn't we all rather go to one of these things with Ranveer hip thrusting and photobombing and Hard Kaur in booty shorts and enjoying a peg or two than a bunch of bored, overly coiffed star sons checking their BBMs and prissy starlets with sour expressions because they've only eaten two leaves of lettuce in the last week? Party Da Mood, HK. Party Da Mood.


odadune said...

Akki solo on KWK? Here's hoping he and Karan don't manage to bore each other to death. As of the point that Twinkle refused, they should have rounded up Katrina or John or Imran...*someone* for Akshay to play off of.

The Ranveer/Arjun ep is going to be amusing.

Re: Ajay in Kanchana remake: the main ghost in the original is a male to female transsexual. The plot synopsis on wiki implied that a fair chunk of the film is taken up with a sympathetic portrayal of the character's struggles in life, so I don't know if they are in fact playing this for camp.

Re: Shaji Karun: I'll have to read that later when I have time. He's probably wrong/narrow-minded, but he sounds more intelligent than most of the "kids get off my lawn" brigade.

Filmi Girl said...

Is it? I should watch the original, I guess, to see how it's handled. I just don't trust Ajay/Tusshy to do sensitive anything related to gay-gender issues…

odadune said...

yeah, I haven't seen it either, I forget why I ended up looking it up on Wikipedia, but I was like, huh, not what I was expecting. It is a mass-oriented horror comedy, so yeah, it can't be all that dignified.

Has Tusshar ever produced anything before? I know he's a mediocre to bad actor, but as with Uday Chopra sometimes those guys manage pretty well behind the camera.

Moimeme said...

Re Kanchana -- it doesn't matter how sensitively or not they treated the transgender subject in the original (I doubt it was what either of you would consider "sensitive"), but it'll be screwed up in the remake. Ajay acted in the remakes of both Marayada Ramanna and Anukokunda Oka Roju as Son of Sardar and Sunday, respectively. Both of the original films had subtle comedy and well-built suspense. I doubt you would apply those adjectives to their Hindi remakes.

BTW, fun fact of the day: At one point the makers of Kanchana were floating the rumor that Salman had agreed to star in the remake. :) It caused mass consternation and horror (not in a comedic way) on twitter among Salman's fans for a couple of days, till it was refuted.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl