Friday, October 24, 2014

Velai Illa Pattadhaari: V.I.P.

Won't you look up at the skyline

At the mortar, block, and glass

And check out the reflections in my eyes

See they always used to be there

Even when this was all was grass

And I sang and danced about a high-rise

And you were laughing at my helmet hat

Laughing at my torch

Go ahead you can laugh all you want

But I got my philosophy.

--Ben Folds Five, “Philosophy”

To put it mildly, Vela Yilla Pattahari (aka VIP) was not the film I was expecting. Judging from the trailer and snippets of reviews I’d seen floating around touting what a box office hit it had been, I assumed VIP was a straightforward masala film. Actually, it’s not. ACTUALLY, it’s the angriest angry young man film I’ve seen in a long, long time. And the angry young man has some seriously legitimate grievances with society. VIP isn’t just a commercial entertainer--though it is entertaining--it’s an uppercut delivered squarely to the jaw of the pampered Wake Up Sids, a flying kick to the chest of the incompetent star son. And who better to deliver the killing blow than Dhanush.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trailers and six packs… what a week!

Because we've been discussing it, please enjoy this very appropriate use of shirtlessness/sixpack from Dhanush in VIP:

I watched this last night thanks to a tip from a commenter about the streaming site and it was excellent. What's great about this fight scene and the shirtlessness is that it serves a purpose. Dhanush is no dehydrated show pony. As he fights, what we see is this buttoned up engineer stripping away first his jacket, then tie, then shirt as he reveals the inner core of strength. Dhanush's bare chest a visual representation of the inner strength of the character. And Dhanush's "six pack" is clearly functional, not airbrushed on at last minute.

It's a great movie and a great scene. I should have a review up for this one in the next day or two. Unless I get carried away and get myself a subscription and overdoes on Tamil films. (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!)

Speaking of excited…

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Randomness… and GOVINDA!

You have no idea how much it pleases me that Govinda is so much more effective as an item than a million interchangeable model-actresses.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trailer Tuesday! Are you ready to rumble…?!

Some good discussion yesterday of six packs. The consensus: put your shirts back on.

But now it's Trailer Happy Tuesday!! GOOD MORNING!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Memory Lane Monday...

I feel like there was no Indian ensemble of Berklee when I attended the college but… who knows! My performance skills were never my strong suit. Music production major right here! Look kids, you could go to Berklee, study music, and then take up writing a film blog!

Great stuff, though.

The weekend in New York was fun, as always. But tiring. Well, at least it is when you sing five hours of Japanese karaoke. Alcohol does not impair my kanji-reading skills. That is something I discovered this weekend. The novelty of a tall, white woman singing old Japanese rock songs provides a lot of amusement. That is something else I discovered. Hey, I like The Alfee. So sue me. ♪星空の下のディスタンス。。。♪

I don't think I missed anything major. I still have zero interest in actually seeing Happy New Year (Happy ENDING on the other hand…) but I am rather morbidly interested in the discussion swirling around it. Shahrukh isn't going to go quietly.

I wonder what it says about our era that it's now the two "serious actor" Khans Aamir and Shahrukh flashing six packs everywhere while Salman didn't even take his shirt off in Kick, if I remember correctly…

I wish all of these guys would keep their clothes on, to be honest. The occasional six pack flash is alluring but seeing so much of it all the time turns everything into a Mens Health magazine cover or something. Enough. It's boring. Speaking of boring, I can't believe somebody wrote this with a straight face. Arjun Kapoor is such a boring actor. BORING! I'm so BORED of this obsession with "ordinary" and "authentic" and "realistic"? I'd rather see outrageous, amazing, and mind-blowing. I have enough average ordinary realism in my every day reality, thank you very much.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Click "like" if this got you high!

Happy almost weekend!! I'll be up in New York city for one last belated birthday blow out. Hey, you only turn 35 once. (Unless you're a certain one of my aunties but never mind!)

Here, please enjoy this tiny clip of this adorable half-Pakistani/half-Japanese kid with a beautiful voice named Masuda Ryo. (He's on the far right.)

I'm surprised nobody from the entertainment feeding frenzy press has dug him up for a listicle or something yet. A half-Pakistani kid on TV in Japan? That's pretty noteworthy, no?

And "Manali Trance" song and picturization are pretty darn good! Although, I have to kind of shake my head in amusement at the anything but subtextual drug references. I must be getting old. LOL!

"High on life" you mean?! LOL!!! Very edgy, Zee Music Intern who put this together. Very edgy.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Writer's block is the worst!

Sorry, friends. It's not that I forgot to post this morning but more like… I've been having trouble getting words out this week. I don't know. I suppose we all go through times like that, right? (Write?!)

Anyways, since I've had these open in a tab since this morning, I'll share now!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl